1340: [Baltic2007]Escape The problem of escape

Time Limit: 5 Sec  Memory Limit: 162 MB
Submit: 285  Solved: 133


The war criminals tried to escape from prison , They planned in detail how to escape from the prison itself , After escaping from prison, they hope to find cover in a nearby village . village ( Image below B) And prison ( In the picture A) There's a canyon in the middle , This canyon is also guarded by soldiers . The soldiers guarding the canyon sit on sentries and rarely walk around , The observation range of each soldier is 100 rice . The position of the soldiers determines whether the war criminals can pass through the canyon safely , The condition for safe passage is that at any time the nearest soldier to the war criminals is greater than 100 rice . Given the length of the Canyon 、 Width and coordinates of each soldier in the Canyon , Assume that the soldier's position remains unchanged , Please write a program to calculate whether war criminals will not be found by soldiers , Through the Canyon . If not , Then the war criminals need at least a few soldiers to get through the canyon safely ( Whether a soldier is seen by another soldier or not , He can be wiped out ). 


The first line has three integers L、W and N, They represent the length of the canyon 、 Width and number of soldiers . Next N That's ok , Two integers per line Xi and Yi, It means the first one i Two soldiers at the coordinates of the canyon (0 <= Xi <= L, 0 <= Yi <= W), The coordinates are in meters , The coordinates of the southwest corner of the canyon are (0, 0), The coordinates of the northeast corner are (L, W), See above . Be careful : Through the canyon you can get from (0, ys)(0 <= ys <= W) To (L, ye)(0 <= ye <= W), among ys, ye It doesn't have to be an integer .


There is only one line , It's an integer , That is, the number of soldiers that need to be wiped out to get through the canyon safely , If you don't need to destroy any soldiers , The output 0.

Sample Input

130 340 5
10 50
130 130
70 170
0 180
60 260

Sample Output



1 <= W <= 50,000 1 <= L <= 50,000 1 <= N <= 250




Network flow Minimum cut

Just judge whether two soldiers intersect

 #include <bits/stdc++.h>
const int siz = ;
const int inf = ; int L, W, N; int X[siz];
int Y[siz]; int S, T; int hd[siz];
int nt[siz];
int to[siz];
int fl[siz]; inline void add(int u, int v, int f)
static int edge = , init = ; if (init)memset(hd, -, sizeof(hd)), init = ; nt[edge] = hd[u]; to[edge] = v; fl[edge] = f; hd[u] = edge++;
nt[edge] = hd[v]; to[edge] = u; fl[edge] = ; hd[v] = edge++;
} int dep[siz]; inline bool bfs(void)
static int que[siz], l, r;
memset(dep, , sizeof(dep));
dep[que[l = ] = S] = r = ; while (l != r)
int u = que[l++], v; for (int i = hd[u]; ~i; i = nt[i])
if (fl[i] && !dep[v = to[i]])
dep[que[r++] = v] = dep[u] + ;
} return dep[T];
} int cur[siz]; int dfs(int u, int f)
using std::min; if (u == T || !f)
return f; int used = , flow, v; for (int i = cur[u]; ~i; i = nt[i])
if (fl[i] && dep[v = to[i]] == dep[u] + )
flow = dfs(v, min(fl[i], f - used)); used += flow;
fl[i] -= flow;
fl[i^] += flow; if (fl[i])
cur[u] = i; if (f == used)
return f;
} if (!used)
dep[u] = ; return used;
} inline int maxFlow(void)
int maxFlow = , newFlow; while (bfs())
memcpy(cur, hd, sizeof(cur)); while (newFlow = dfs(S, inf))
maxFlow += newFlow;
} return maxFlow;
} inline long long sqr(long long x)
return x * x;
} inline long long dis(int i, int j)
return sqr(X[i] - X[j]) + sqr(Y[i] - Y[j]);
} signed main(void)
scanf("%d%d%d", &L, &W, &N); for (int i = ; i <= N; ++i)
scanf("%d%d", X + i, Y + i); S = , T = * N + ; for (int i = ; i <= N; ++i)
add(i, i + N, );
if (Y[i] <= )add(S, i, inf);
if (Y[i] >= W - )add(i + N, T, inf);
} for (int i = ; i <= N; ++i)
for (int j = ; j <= N; ++j)
if (dis(i, j) <= && i != j)
add(i + N, j, inf); printf("%d\n", maxFlow());

@Author: YouSiki

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