01.The old-fashioned delicatessen inside the street has become a popular place for lunch

The deli on the street is becoming a popular place for lunch

02.There is no one who will not benefit from an investing in the bond market during times of high interest rates.

In the period of high interest rate , No one is not going to benefit from investing in the bond market .

03.As Blake was leaving the office, his secretary chased after him with an important phone message.

When Blake was leaving the office , His secretary chased him behind him , Because of an important phone message .

04.Ms. Avery has collected hand-crafted furniture from all over Germany for twenty years.

Ms. avery has collected handmade furniture from all over Germany for 20 years .

05.The meeting was postponed beyond further notice, because the manufacturing plant had an emergency.

The meeting was postponed , Unless otherwise notified , There's an emergency at the manufacturing plant .

06.He announced the decision to offer John the partnership at the commencement of the three-day partner’s retreat

He announced his decision to offer John a partnership at the beginning of the partner's withdrawal on the third day

07.Within the company’s policy of matching funds,retirement contributions could soon  amount to a considerable sum

Within the scope of the company's supporting fund policy , Pension contributions will soon be an optimistic number .

08.Molly usually eats a light breakfast behind going to work and then has a cup of  coffee and a doughnut later.

Molly usually has a light breakfast after work , Then have a cup of coffee and a doughnut .

09.This notice provides information around your rights and responsibilities under the company’s new pension policy.

This Notice provides you with the rights and responsibilities under the company's new pension policy .

10.Many companies are imposing stern disciplinary measures on employees who use e-mail and the Internet for personal use beside office hours

Many companies take severe disciplinary measures against employees for using e-mail during office hours and personal use of the Internet

11.Over normal operating conditions, natural gas burns cleanly and safely, producing  heat, carbon dioxide, and water vapor

Under normal operating conditions , Natural gas burns clean , Security , Generate heat , Carbon dioxide and water vapor

12.Until most garden plants, garlic should be planted in the fall, not the spring

Before most garden plants , Garlic should be planted in autumn , Not spring

13.In an effort to cut back on costs, many airlines have discontinued full-meal  service.

To cut costs , Many airlines have stopped full meal service .

14.The recently renovated hotel offers many amenities including a swimming pool and  a rooftop restaurant a view of the city

The recently renovated hotel offers a lot of comfortable facilities , A city with a swimming pool and a rooftop restaurant

15.I am sending the enclosed package with the hope that you will handle its contents with care

I enclose the enclosed package , I hope you can handle it properly

16.The reconnaissance aircraft has an infrared camera for taking photographs on night

The reconnaissance plane has an infrared camera to take pictures at night

17.Please consult from the shift manager of you have a problem with the cash register

Please ask the manager on duty that there is something wrong with your cash register

18.The transportation authority voted to extend the subway among the adjacent town

Transport authorities voted to extend the subway to neighboring towns

19.It is estimated that alcohol and drug abuse costs businesses billions of dollars by  absenteeism and lost productivity.

It is estimated that , The lack of miners and productivity caused by alcohol and drug abuse cost businesses billions of dollars .

20.Mr. David has become a popular politician partly because he has made himself visible for the public

The reason why Mr. David became a popular politician , Part of the reason is that he's known to the public

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