Materials needed :

php-emoji The download address of the class library :

Code example :( The code comes from the official website )

include('emoji.php'); # when you recieve text from a mobile device, convert it
# to the unified format.
// When you receive information from a mobile device , To translate this information into a unified format
// following 4 The first function is to convert the format of other devices to the unified format $data = emoji_docomo_to_unified($data); # DoCoMo devices
$data = emoji_kddi_to_unified($data); # KDDI & Au devices
$data = emoji_softbank_to_unified($data); # Softbank & pre-iOS6 Apple devices
$data = emoji_google_to_unified($data); # Google Android devices # when sending data back to mobile devices, you can
# convert back to their native format.
// following 4 The first function is to change from a unified format to a format that other devices can use $data = emoji_unified_docomo($data); # DoCoMo devices
$data = emoji_unified_kddi($data); # KDDI & Au devices
$data = emoji_unified_softbank($data); # Softbank & pre-iOS6 Apple devices
$data = emoji_unified_google($data); # Google Android devices # when displaying data to anyone else, you can use HTML
# to format the emoji.
// From unified format to html Format $data = emoji_unified_to_html($data); # if you want to use an editor(i.e:wysiwyg) to create the content,
# you can use html_to_unified to store the unified value. $data = emoji_html_to_unified(emoji_unified_to_html($data));

Realize web page display emoji The steps of expression :

One 、 download php-emoji

Two 、 stay html Import... Into the file emoji.css file

3、 ... and 、 Import... In the script emoji.php file

Complete code :

 <!doctype html>
<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html;charset=utf-8"/>
<!-- Import emoji.css file , Remember to import -->
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="./php_emoji/emoji.css">
<div id="chatContent">
// Import php_emoji class
//$data yes emoji Facial expression data
$data = emoji_unified_to_html($data);
// At this point, we can echo Out emoji expression
echo $data;

remarks : Be sure to import emoji.css file

Use php-emoji Class to let the web page display emoji More articles about facial expressions

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