Powershell Common commands
obtain Powshell All commands
2.Get-Process Get all processes
3.Set-Alias Rename... To the specified command Such as :Set-Alias aaa
4.Set-ExecutionPolicy remotesigned Set up powershell The script file can be executed directly
In general, script files are written as .ps1 ending Execute the script file and enter the file address directly Just write the command in the script file
5.Get-Help get-* Query to get The first order
Get-Help *service* Get-Help Get-Command obtain Get-Command Basic usage of commands
6. Get-Member
Get object properties Such as : $var | Get-Memeber visit $var attribute direct $var.ToString()

get-help *: List all the topics , Including instructions and concepts .
get-help * |
more: List all the topics , Including instructions and concepts , And when the display is full, the whole window pauses .
get-help about*: List all the conceptual topics , For example, 10000 yuan characters 、foreach
loop .
get-help get*: List all get The subject at the beginning . ?
{< Instruction name or subject name >}: Lists a description of the specified instruction or topic , for example get-help dir You can query dir Instruction usage , and get-help
about_wildcard You can query 「 Universal characters 」 The usage of this topic .
Besides , It can also be used. help replace get-help, The biggest benefit is that help
Show the whole window , The default will automatically pause .

PS Variable definition in
There is no need to define or declare data types
Add... Before the variable "$"
Rules for defining variables
- Variables can be numbers
- Variables can be strings $abc
- Variables can be special characters ${@1b}
Built in variables

Variable assignment : $var=123 $var="aaaaaa"
Take the value of the variable : $var

Variable assignment method :Set-Variable var 100
Method of value taking : Get-Variable var
Empty value : Clear-Variable
Delete variables Remove-Variable var
Take multiple variables such as var1 var2 var3 Land value : Get-Variable var*

Another method of assignment $var1="bbb" $var2="$var $var1" result $var2="aaaaaa bbb"
$var1' result $var2="$var $var1"
$date=Get-Date Get the current time
Current time plus 3 God

Sort usage
Get-Process | Sort-Object
ws according to WS Rank values from small to large
Get-Process | Sort-Object | fl Get-Process | Sort-Object |
Format-List Display data as a list

Import and export files
Get-Process > c:/aa.txt
Get-Process | Export-Clixml
c:/ddd.xml Export command execution results to xml In file
Import-Clixml c:/ddd.xml take xml Export the file to the console

Annotation use
Get-Proccess |
# Here's the comment information
sort ws

Comparison operator
$var -like "&b&" return true
$var -clike
"&b&" return true

Function USES
Case study : There is the following code in a script file :
one{"The Variable is $var1"}
function two{$var1=20;one}

Execution results : The Variable is 10
The Variable is 20
The Variable
is 10
This example shows that , Changing the value of a variable in a function does not affect the actual value
If you need to change its value, please see the following code :
one{"The Variable is $var1"}
function two{$Script:var1=20;one}

Execution results : The Variable is 10
The Variable is 20
The Variable
is 20

freach Use
# Define an array
foreach($i in $var)
Write-Host "$i"
"there were $n record"

if Use
Get-Service |
if($_.status -eq "running"){
Write-Host $_.displayname
"("$_status")" -foregroundcolor "green"
$_.displayname "("$_status")" -foregroundcolor "red"

error Use
Get-Process -ea stop
Get-ChildItem ada -ErrorAction stop
# This sentence is wrong
Get-Process -ErrorAction stop

-ea Define how to continue execution when an error occurs
$? You can test whether a command succeeds or fails , Success leads to true Instead of false

Step by step debugging
First set up Set-PSDebug
for($i=1;$i -le 10;$i++)
Write-Host "loop number

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