In the morning excel On the worksheet , I found that I couldn't open it after I finished building it

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Nima is such a fool , Is it my fault Excel broken ??

After checking the problem, we found that Only new “Microsoft Excel Worksheet ” This kind of problem will appear when we are in the market , newly build “Word”、“PPT”、“Microsoft Excel 97-2003 Worksheet ” No problem , Open separately Excel It's OK to select a new worksheet in it , There is something wrong with the newly created file .

So he began to ask for help from Du Niang , Take a look , o ! There are a lot of guys who have had this kind of problem ... I'm very pleased , Start to try all kinds of methods according to the Internet ... And then there are all kinds of things that don't work

For example, modify the registry HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Excel.Sheet.12\shell\Open\command

For example, modify Excel Add INS for

For example, modify Excel The template of


However, it doesn't make any difference

So I started using the ultimate trick ! reinstall + restart

And then it turns out that there's no egg use ....

ok All of them on the Internet are unreliable , It's up to you at the critical moment

Analyzed it carefully , open Excel You can create a new sheet , You can also open other .xlsx file , There is something wrong with the software itself , And new “Microsoft
Excel 97-2003
Worksheet ” It can also be opened normally , The difference between the two is the difference between the new and old versions of the template , But certainly not because of the incompatibility between the old and new versions ( Because Baidu before when online friends said that the solution to this problem , It's no use changing it ), All that's left is to select a template when creating a new file !!!

Find out the problem , Let's start looking for solutions , But after trying various custom templates, it still hasn't been solved ... Lose heart

What a nuisance .

But the goddess of luck still abandoned me , Just when I want to give up , Suddenly I saw someone ask this question on Microsoft's official website , Links are as follows :

office2016 Can't open right mouse button new excel file , Other forms can be opened

Someone inside said such a way ( Of course, this method still can't work ):

1. Press WIN+R, function regedit, Open registry editor
2. And then in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT Find below .xls and .xlsx, Right click New - term , Name it shellNew, Then create a new - character string , Name it NullFile, Value is empty

And then I'll follow this to start a new one ..., Just before I started .xlsx When it comes to this , Suddenly found that there has been shellNew 了 , But the path is different from what he said , But inside FileName It's all pointing to Office Template directory for

Let's take a look , Find out .xls The lower one ShellNew Of FileName The value of is used before WPS Of , But WPS Uninstalled , And the problem is *.xlsx, Not yet *.xls, Then leave it alone

And then turn it on again .xlsx The lower one ET.Xls.6 The lower one ShellNew, Found here FileName The value of is also WPS Of , It was before WPS Template path for , Copy path to file explorer open , Found no path . By this time, I had a general idea of what was going on . Then open the Excel.Sheet.12 The lower one ShellNew, The same as usual , assignment FileName Value , I found it opened , It opens a blank Excel file , file name :excel12.xlsx, This should be Excel The template file of , Copy and paste this path into ET.Xls.6 The lower one ShellNew Of FileName, Change the original value to “C:\Program
Files (x86)\Microsoft
Office\Root\VFS\Windows\ShellNew\excel12.xlsx”,OK, Back to the desktop , Right click > newly build >Microsoft
Excel Worksheet , Double click to open !!!

The reason is that before the new “Microsoft Excel Worksheet ” When , Templates are used WPS The template of , But this template can't be found , So there's a problem with the new worksheet , Lead to Excel Cannot be opened .

terms of settlement : Modify the image above ET.Xls.6 > ShellNew > FileName Value , It is amended as follows Excel Own template path , Fix up the work

Excel2016 Right click new sheet , Prompt when opening “ Because the file format or file extension is invalid . Please make sure the file is not corrupted , And the file extension matches the file format .” More related articles on the solution of

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