Although there are a lot of plug-ins on the Internet for us to use , But there may not be one for you , If necessary, we should knock by ourselves . below , Start my first plug-in ...

Reference resources 《 Incisive JQuery》,JQuery Add two methods for plug-in development :$.extend(object), $.fn.extend(object).

This blog post is very good for the explanation of plug-in production , It's just a little long , But it's worth pondering :

Let's talk about one of my plug-ins ( one-sided ) understand :

There are two kinds of plug-ins :

· Class level component development :

--- That is to JQuery Add a new global function under the namespace , Also known as static methods . Form the following :

jQuery.myPlugin = function (){
//do something

for example :$.ajax(options); $.type();

· Object level component development

--- Hang on JQuery The method under the prototype , From the selector JQuery Object instances can share this method , It's called dynamic method . Form the following :

//$.fn == $.prototype
$.fn.myPlugin = function () {
//do somthing

for example :.addClass(); .attr();

meanwhile , Plug ins should also be maintained JQuery Features of chained calls , Chained calls take the form of :

$.fn.myPlugin = function (){

return this.each(function (){   //return Implement chain call

//do something



---------------------------------- That's the plug-in mechanism ---------------------------------

The following is a simple table interlacing color plug-in :

 // For better compatibility , There's a semicolon on the front 
$.fn.tableUI = function(options){
var defaults = {
var options = $.extend(defaults, options);//$.extend(option...) Return an object .
// In order to implement the chain call , use return Returns the object
return this.each(function(){
// cache this
var thisTable = $(this);

In view of the fact that I wrote the plug-in for the first time , But share what you're feeling right now , In the future, I'm sure I'll feel simple .

The first use of this Pass on DOM Element object , It can be seen as the outermost element of the plug-in , And then through JQuery Queries provided (find) Methods match internal element objects , Match the matched element with the set attribute (options) Step by step to achieve the desired function .

ps:options The class name should be written in advance css style , For use .

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