ObjRelationPojo Table a record

public class YpObjRelationPojo implements Serializable {
private String id; // ' Primary key id'
private String sourceId; // object id
private String targetId; // object id
private String caseId; // case id
@Transient // Configure transparent properties
private int source; // ' Starting point of relationship No database
private int target; // ' The end of the relationship No database
private String color;
private String relation; // ' Relationship name '
private YpRelationTypePojo relation_type;
private Date create_Time; // ' Creation time '

omitted set,get Method

@DBRef Used to associate objects

"_id" : ObjectId("54a24e8a25600d768a4e13ac"),
"sourceid" : "54a20a6dd9d886078991aa98",
"targetid" : "54a209dfd9d886078991aa95",
"caseId" : "100",
"relation_type" : {
"$ref" : "relationtype",
"$id" : ObjectId("54a21b0ad9d886078991aa9e")

If you need to find out in this record relation_type, View the associated objects

We need to use the point notation

Id by relation_type The record of the table id

ObjectId objectId = new ObjectId(Id);

Query query1=Query.query(Criteria.where("relation_type.$id").is(objectId));

List<YpObjRelationPojo> r=mongoTemplate.find(query1, YpObjRelationPojo.class, "YpObjRelationPojo");

After finding out , Delete this field

Update update=new Update();


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