// Upload files 
uploadModel: function() { if(Ext.getCmp('exup').getForm().isValid()) { var ssn = this.upPanel.getCmpByName('ssn').getValue();
var ssy = this.upPanel.getCmpByName('ssy').getValue();
var pzid = this.upPanel.getCmpByName('pzid').getValue(); // Determine whether the imported data is duplicate
Ext.Ajax.request({ url : __ctxPath + '/gzt/sameDataGztDrLog.do',
params : {
ssn : ssn,
ssy : ssy,
pzid : pzid
method : 'POST',
success : function(response, options) {
var json = Ext.util.JSON.decode(response.responseText);
// alert(response.responseText);
var msg = json.message;
if(msg == 'same'){
Ext.Msg.confirm(' Tips ', ' Duplicate records found , Continuing the import will override the old data , Are you sure to continue importing ?', function(btn) {
if (btn == 'yes') {
this.zxdr1(); }
Ext.ux.Toast.msg(' Operation information ', json.message);
failure : function(response, options) {
Ext.ux.Toast.msg(' Operation information ', ' Operation error , Please contact the Administrator !');
} }); } }

extjs3 ajax There is no synchronization method in itself , Need to introduce ext-basex.js

confirm( String title, String msg, Function fn, Object scope ) : Ext.MessageBox Prompt box , And alert Different , For asynchronous methods , The method executed after the button is confirmed needs to be written in its callback function ,
If you want to call another method , Note the scope parameter scope Use , yes confirm Parameters of , Instead of the callback function

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