subject :

The question : Find the minimum number of steps to reach the boundary ..

At first I thought it was bfs, But the data 10^6 It's too big , Definitely not ...

A question of thinking , Pay attention to the over boundary ...

 #include <iostream>
#include <cstring>
#include <algorithm>
using namespace std; const int INF=(<<);
int n,m,x,y,a,b; int ok(int x1,int y1)
if(x1<) x1=-x1;
if(y1<) y1=-y1;
if(x1%a==&&y1%b==)// It's just right Reach the border
if((x1/a-y1/b)%==)// And the difference between the two is even ..
return x1/a;
return y1/b;
return INF;
int main()
int d[];
if(a>=n||b>=m)// It's possible to cross the line in one step ..
cout<<"Poor Inna and pony!"<<endl;
cout<<"Poor Inna and pony!"<<endl;
return ;

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