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js Object comparison of

because js Is the language of interpretation and execution , Then the function and object appear in the code. If they are executed repeatedly , Multiple copies are created

  1. Code that is repeatedly executed in code is prone to duplicate objects
  2. Create a Person Constructors , In order to create object . Ask for name, age, gender and sayHello
  3. Errors in the code
 // 1
function Person() {
var o = {}; = ...
return o;
// 2
function Person () {
name: ....
age: ....
  1. The way traditional construction methods are defined affects performance , It is easy to cause multiple objects to have multiple method copies . It should be said that the methods are extracted separately . Let all objects share this method .
  2. We can consider putting all the methods out, but there are security risks
    • Various frameworks or libraries will be introduced into the development . The more members you customize , The more likely there is a naming conflict
    • There may be multiple constructors in development . Each constructor should have more than one method . It's not easy to maintain .
  3. Any object will be linked to its prototype by default
    • Create a function . A special object will be created . This object uses function .prototype quote . Call it the prototype property of a function .
    • Every object created by this function as a constructor , Will be connected to the object by default .
    • When the object accesses a method or property , If there is no , I'll go to this mysterious object to find .

The problem with traditional constructors

 function Foo() {
this.sayHello = function () {
  1. Because the object is a call new Foo() Created by . So when every object is created , function sayHello Will be created once
  2. So each object has an independent , Different , But functions with the same functional logic . such as : {} == {}
  3. In code, methods consume performance . The most typical resource is memory .
  4. The best way to do this is to put the function body outside the constructor . Then you just need to refer to the function in the constructor
 function sayHello () {}
function Foo () {
this.say = sayHello;
  1. It's going to be difficult in development : Introducing frame hazards , The code is too cumbersome to maintain . The solution is if the outside function doesn't take up the name . And it's better to be under the function .
  2. When every function is defined , A mysterious object was created .
  3. Every object created by the constructor will be connected to the mysterious object by default .
 var f1 = new Foo();
var f2 = new Foo();
f1.sayHello(); // If f1 No, sayHello, Then it will be in Foo.prototype Middle search
f2.sayGoodBye(); // If f2 There is no change in the method , Then it will be in Foo.prototype Middle search
  1. Many objects created by constructors share one object , Namely Constructors .prototype
  2. Just put what you share , Repeat things that take up more memory Constructors .prototype in , Then all objects can be shared .
 function Foo() {}
Foo.prototype.sayHello = function () {
console.log( ... );
var f1 = new Foo();
var f2 = new Foo();
f2.sayHello(); f1.sayHello === f2.sayHello
  1. practice : Write a constructor Student, Ask for name, age, gender, sayHello, study. Require constructor with parameters .

Common mistakes

  1. Write Constructors .prototype When , Add attributes to it as well .
 function Person() {} = ' Zhang San ';
var p = new Person();
  1. Error in assignment
 function Person() {} = ' Zhang San ';
var p1 = new Person();
var p2 = new Person(); = ' Li Si '; console.log( );
console.log( );
// If it's data access , If there is no such data in the current object, go to the prototype property of the constructor
// If it's writing data , When there is this data in the object , That's the modified value ; If the object does not have that data , Then add value

Prototype related concepts

  1. About the concept of object orientation

    • class class: stay js In this case, it's the constructor

      • In traditional object-oriented languages , Use something called a class to define the template . Then use the template to create the object .
      • It has a similar function in the construction method . So it's called a class
 // stay java in , The smallest code unit is class 
class Program {
// member
* example ( instance ) With the object ( object )
* Instance generally refers to the object created by a constructor . We become xxx Instance of constructor
* Examples are objects . Object is a general term .
* Instance and object are a synonym
* Key value pairs and properties and methods
* stay js The set of key value pairs in is called an object
* If the value is data ( Non function ), Call the key value pair an attribute property
* If the value is a function ( Method ), This key value pair is called a method method
* Parents and children
* Traditional object-oriented languages use classes to implement inheritance . Then there is a parent class , The concept of subclass
* A parent class is also called a base class , Subclasses are also called derived classes
* stay js It's often called a parent object in , Sub object . Base object , Derived objects .
  1. Prototype related concepts

    • The mysterious object is called " Prototype attribute "

      • Mysterious objects are the prototype properties of constructors
      • Prototype for short
    • There is also a certain relationship between mysterious objects and objects created by constructors
      • What is the relationship
      • The object created by the mysterious object against the constructor is called " Prototype object "
      • Prototype for short
    • Objects inherit from their prototypes
      • Object created by constructor Inherited from Prototype properties of the constructor
      • Object created by constructor Inherited from The prototype object of the object
      • The object created by the constructor and the object represented by the prototype property of the constructor are two different objects
        • Members of the prototype , Can be used directly by instance objects
        • That is to say, the instance object directly " contain " Members of the prototype
        • therefore Instance object Inherited from Prototype
        • Such an inheritance is " Prototype inheritance "
  2. Some of the problems
    • {} What is a constructor ?
    • All literal objects have constructors
      • {} Object
      • [] Array
      • /./ RegExp
      • function ... Function

How to use prototypes

Why use prototypes ?

  1. Using the dynamic properties of objects

    • Constructors .prototype.XXX = vvvv;
  2. Use direct substitution
 Student.prototype = {
sayHello: function () {},
study: function () {}

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