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When designing a database , Choose the right data type , Many problems can be avoided , Understand the type of database correctly , For storage space planning , Application performance tuning can be very helpful , Here is my personal summary :
1、 Char
Fixed length format string , When storing in the database, there are not enough digits to fill in the space , Not recommended , It will cause unnecessary trouble
a、  When comparing strings , If you don't pay attention to (char Fill in the blanks ) It can lead to mistakes
b、  When comparing strings , If you use trim function , So the index on the field is invalid ( Sometimes it can cause serious performance problems )
c、  Waste storage space
2、 Varchar2/Varchar
Variable length format string , about 4000 Strings within bytes , This type is recommended
a、  It's said on the Internet char Than varchar2 Good performance , But if you're interested in testing , Will find no difference ( If line migration occurs , Can pass pctfree To adjust )
b、  Make the most of storage space
3、 Long/long raw
Oracle Has been abandoned , It's just reserved for downward compatibility , It should all be upgraded to lob
Long There are many restrictions on types
a、  There can only be one column in the table long type
b、  Long Type does not support distributed transactions
c、  Too many queries cannot be found in long It has been used.
4、 Number
Definition Number Methods :Number(p,s)
among p,s It's all optional :
a、  p Represents precision , The default is 38
b、  s For decimal places , Value range -84~127, The default value depends on whether it is specified p, If there is p, Default s by 0, If not specified p, The default value is the maximum .
A few examples :
a、  Number(5,0)=Number(5) Value range 99999~-99999
b、  Number(5,2) Value range 999.99~-999.99
Be careful : The number of integers is just 3 position , The number of decimal places is 2 position , Calculate as follows :
Number of integers <=p-s
Decimal digit <=s
If you insert 123.555 Stored in a database becomes 123.56
( Round the third decimal place ), If you insert 999.999, The database is about to throw a mistake .
c、  Number(5,-2) Value range 9999900~-9999900
( Number of integers <=p-s, There are no decimal places )
If you insert 9999949 Stored in a database becomes 9999900( Round the second digit of an integer ), If you insert 9999950, The database is about to throw a mistake .
The other numerical types are number Derived from , The bottom is number, such as integer/int It's completely mapped to number(38)
Performance related :number It's a type of soft implementation , If necessary number Doing complex operations , It is recommended to use first. cast Built in function transformation number Is a floating point number type
Another thing to be aware of :number It's the variable length type , When calculating table storage space, remember
5、 Date
Date The type is a 7 Fixed length data type of bytes , There's nothing to say , An example : performance a>b>c


and date_colum<

c、Where to_char(date_colum,’yyyy’)=’2007’
6、 Timestamp/timestamp with time zone/timestamp with
local time zone
and date similar , But it also supports fractional seconds and time zones . grammar Timestamp(n),n Specify the number of decimal places for the second , Value range 0~9. Optional .
7、 Lob
Clob/blob The implementation is more complex , Here are just a few performance related points , Of course not lob As far as possible need not :
a、  One lob Fields including lobindex and lobsegment
b、  Lob By default, it can be stored in the table ( Table field ), On the condition that :
1. It's smaller than 4kb
2. And it's not used when it's defined (disable storage inrow) Words and expressions ( The default is enable)
When lob Greater than 4kb It will be stored in lobsegment in
When lob When it's in the table , It can be cached , For it, the operation efficiency is much higher than that stored in lobsegment Medium lob( no need lobindex)
Stored in lobsegment Medium lob The default is not in the buffer cache , about lob It's all about physics IO, The cost is very high , So for greater than 4kb Of lob Don't update fields frequently , Very inefficient
Stored in lobsegment Medium lob You can specify the use of cache( The default is nocache), This is for medium-sized lob( How about k~ Dozens of k) Very effective , Less Physics IO

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