#include <string>
#include "20140318 Calculate the area of a class .cpp" //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
// The name of the function : histeq()
// Pass in the parameter :
// BYTE*dstData Pointer to the memory space of the incoming grayscale image
// double *srcArray Histogram accumulation of template , And normalize it , The size is 256
// int m_Width Match the width of memory space
// int m_Height Match the height of memory space
// int m_pitch Match the memory size of each row of memory space
//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// void histeq(int **dstData, double *srcArray,int m_Width,int m_Height,int m_pitch)
//void *memset(void *s,int c,size_t n) Will have opened up memory space s The head of n Set the value of bytes to the value c
double dstHist[];
memset(dstHist,, * sizeof(double));
double dstArray[];
memset(dstArray,, * sizeof(double));
int i=,j=;
// Statistical histogram
for (i = ;i < m_Height;i++)
for (j = ;j < m_Width;j++)
dstHist[(int)dstData[i * m_pitch + j]]++;
// Calculate histogram accumulation
double m_Bytes = m_Width * m_Height;//m_Bytes Initialize to the total number of pixels
dstArray[] = dstHist[];// The first initialization is dstHist[0]=0
for (i = ;i < ;i++)
dstArray[i] = dstArray[i - ] + dstHist[i];
// Histogram cumulative normalization
for (i = ;i < ;i++)
dstArray[i] /= m_Bytes;
// Histogram matching
double m_diffA,m_diffB;
int k = ;
float mapPixel[];// Every color of value
memset(mapPixel,, * sizeof(float)); for (i = ;i < ;i++)
m_diffB = ;
for (j = k; j < ;j++)
m_diffA = abs(dstArray[i] - srcArray[j]);
if (m_diffA - m_diffB < 1.0E-5)
m_diffB = m_diffA;
k = j;
k = j - ;
if (k == )
for (int l = i;l < ;l++)
mapPixel[l] = (float) k;
mapPixel[i] = (float) k;
// Target image lookup index table
for (i = ;i < m_Height;i++)
for (j = ;j < m_Width;j++)
dstData[i * m_pitch + j] = mapPixel[(int)dstData[i * m_pitch + j]];

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