With the continuous development of science and technology , An enterprise that needs to change its marketing strategy becomes very important . You can't expect to keep your customers with your marketing tools . Smartphones and tablets have changed the way consumers behave . Now? , People don't even want to go to their computers or laptops , To examine products or services , Their wishes . With smartphones in their hands , All the information they have , They need to be at their fingertips . therefore , It has become an important organization to create mobile response sites , To make sure they're always in the range of their potential customers .

The interaction between a smartphone and a desktop or laptop is very different . There are many factors , Such as the movement of the touch screen , Smaller screen size and display resolution , Enter picture . In addition to this , Your website should be optimized , To reduce data access , On a smartphone or tablet . therefore , You have to code for the best browsing and smartphone navigation website . If your website takes too long on a tablet or mobile , People won't visit it . So even if you spend a lot of time and resources creating content for your website , User experience is very important . Here you are 10 individual WordPress Plug in easily create mobile website response for your enterprise .


Jetpack It's a lightweight 、 Necessary , Open source platform , It provides a   Simply respond to the mobile theme of any blog or website . It provides customization , Such as custom menu , title , Background and more to provide the best mobile experience .

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MobileView There's a theme panel , Let you choose from a variety of customization options , Make the theme your own . It also offers custom menus and different landing pages on the mobile version .mobileview Is a fast and convenient way to present your website to mobile users .

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WPTouch Create a mobile version of the website theme . This plug-in is specially developed , To improve the user's mobile experience . It provides a good response interface , Pass the Google Mobile Test , And help increase your mobile traffic .

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4.Any Mobile Theme Switcher

Any Mobile Theme Switcher Using improved mobile detection technology , Help to detect the right device , And provide the right customization , Let your readers have an enhanced browsing experience . It also gives you the independence to choose different mobile themes from different browsers .

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5.WP Mobile Edition

WP Mobile Edition Transfer your WordPress Use its mobile switches and built-in themes . Mobile switch automatically detects user's equipment and equipment   Load compatible website versions for mobile or desktop . The plug-in also provides a choice of visitors to choose desktop and mobile themes .

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6.AddFunc Mobile Detect

AddFunc Mobile Detect Automatically redirect your mobile traffic to the mobile version of your website . This plug-in will be on the requested page , for example ,“ Website .com / Combine ” Redirected to “yourmobilesite COM / Combine ”. Besides , This plug-in sets up a cookie to track visitors' choices .

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7.Mobile Smart

Mobile Smart Instantly switch your WordPress Theme responsive mobile friendly theme , When it detects a user with a mobile device . Users can also manually switch between desktop and mobile versions . The plug-in even adjusts the image to fit the screen size of the mobile device .

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8.Duda Mobile Website Builder

Duda Mobile Moving templates very quickly , With most WordPress The theme . Using this plugin will not affect your desktop theme or mobile theme , Improve your mobile user experience .

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9.Equivalent Mobile Redirect

Equivalent Mobile Redirect Can detect mobile devices , And redirect visitors to the mobile version based on page setup . It also allows you to rewrite page based redirection and transfer all mobile users to one URL. The plug-in can also bypass mobile redirection and view the full site , Instead of using a configuration .

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10.WP Mobile Plugin

WP Mobile Plugin It's a solution to create a responsive website with sensitive themes . You are free to choose between topics . The plug-in is fully compatible WordPress Custom menu for , You can create different menus for your mobile theme .

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