rocketmq Environment construction and configuration :

One .   Build three main clusters , Environmental Science :centos-64 7.4 + RocketMQ-4.3.2




To configure hosts analysis , And at the same time to ensure that the three machines are interconnected :

# vim  /etc/hosts  rocket-nameserver-01  rocket-nameserver-02  rocket-nameserver-03

Two . Download and install

  1. Unzip and put it in the specified directory , The catalog can be customized :

# unzip rocketmq-all-4.3.2-bin-release

# mv rocketmq-all-4.3.2-bin-release  /opt/rocketmq432

# cd /opt/rocketmq432

2. stay rocketmq432 Create the required folder

#mkdir store

#mkdir store/commitlog

#mkidr store/consumequeue

#mkdir store/index

  1. Modify the configuration file , All three machines need to be configured separately :

# /opt/rocketmq432/conf/2m-noslave


# ls

To configure and It's the same with our configuration , The only difference is


brokerName=broker-b and brokerName=broker-c


Go to /opt/rocketmq432/bin Execute under directory :


start-up a:

1. nohup sh mqnamesrv &


2. nohup sh mqbroker -c /opt/rocketmq432/conf/2m-noslave/ autoCreateTopicEnable=true >/tmp/logs/mq.log 2>&1 &




start-up b:

1. nohup sh mqnamesrv &


2. nohup sh mqbroker -c /opt/rocketmq432/conf/2m-noslave/ autoCreateTopicEnable=true >/tmp/logs/mq.log 2>&1 &


start-up c:


1. nohup sh mqnamesrv &


2. nohup sh mqbroker -c /opt/rocketmq432/conf/2m-noslave/ autoCreateTopicEnable=true >/tmp/logs/mq.log 2>&1 &





Out of Service :

Execute first : sh mqshutdown broker


Re execution : sh mqshutdown namesrv




Message queue sample test import :


export NAMESRV_ADDR=localhost:9876

sh bin/ org.apache.rocketmq.example.quickstart.Producer


sh bin/ org.apache.rocketmq.example.quickstart.Consumer

You can also install  RockeyMq-console Yes MQ Check the status of :

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