Now that I have chosen to be far away, I only care about wind and rain
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2021 year 5 month 19 Japan Wednesday Fine

At noon, my daughter came home and told me that today is my sister Tiantian's birthday , After dinner, we celebrate Tiantian's birthday . We send Xin'er blessing language and red envelope on wechat , And my daughter started to play with the score on a ceramic flute 《 Happy birthday, 》 song , And I sang this song and sent it to my niece sweet . She was very happy , And we had a nice chat .

My niece Tiantian is about 8 I came to my hometown to study junior high school years ago , My daughter was still in primary school , Although the two children are different in age 3 year , however , We talk about everything together , As good as a sister . Almost every holiday in those years , My sister and I are traveling together 、 play , The two children are chirping in front like birds , Enshi's beautiful landscape 、 The mysterious land of dragon trellis 、 The streets and alleys of Chengdu 、 Wuhan's scenic spots and historic sites all have the footprints of these two little sisters .

Their two favorite sports in summer are swimming , They were playing in the water 、 Play a choking game , And swimming , See who swims fast . During the summer vacation , They are in the water almost every day , It was a lot of fun .

Remember 7 When I was studying laparoscopy in the first people's Hospital of Foshan City, Guangdong Province years ago , These two guys come to Foshan during the summer vacation . On the first day I took them to the swimming pool , The two of them changed their clothes at home , There's a swimsuit in it , It's on the outside T T-shirt and pants .

Actually , I only know the Department every day 、 The dormitory is two and one , I don't know where there is a swimming pool near the hospital , At that time, there was no Gaode map or Baidu map , We walk on the hot street , I kept asking passers-by how to get to the swimming pool , Finally, I got to a swimming pool , We walked for more than half an hour , The kids are still in swimsuits , It's all sweaty , They all said that they were ruined by me . however , When you're in the water , They're very happy .

Think of it , I can't help laughing , It's also famous for letting children “ Painstaking efforts 、 Work hard ”. The week or two they accompanied me was the best memory of my study time in Foshan . Take them to the canteen after work every day , Go swimming in the swimming pool , Or take a walk in a nearby park , I have a bad memory , But , I still remember every little bit of being with the children , It's like it happened yesterday .

My niece Tiantian was admitted to Shandong University three years ago , And my daughter was admitted to high school attached to Minda , Children have less time to play together , But Tiantian often encourages her daughter to study hard on wechat or on the phone . Tiantian is a high school student in our hometown , The child worked very hard 、 Strive , In those three years of black days, quietly supporting the past , Finally, I got a 985 Good University , But , Last year, her favorite father died again , She suffered from grief , Continue to study hard in University .

Because of her excellent grades , She worked as an exchange student in Tianjin University as a sophomore and studied in Tianjin University for one year , But also directly recommended to graduate school . Other children may have been playing during college 、 fall in love 、 Play games, etc. , And she's in the classroom 、 The library writes papers 、 read 、 Study , Doing experiments in the lab 、 Engage in scientific research , Also actively participate in various voluntary activities and interest activities organized by the school , Make your spare time rich and colorful .

Last year today, I was in a hotel in Beijing , My sister took sweetie and her daughter to celebrate her in a restaurant in her hometown 20 birthday , They eat barbecue 、 Singing birthday songs 、 Lighting a candle 、 Cut the birthday cake , And I watched the video , I wish my niece a blessing in Beijing .

Time past quickly. , It's a year in a flash , On last year's day, I felt sweet and her daughter's happy and lively situation in their hometown through the mobile phone screen, as if in front of me . now , They're on their own , And my daughter will take the college entrance examination more than ten days later , It's going to be repeated 3 What sweet went through years ago , Tiantian also sent her daughter a deep blessing , And taught her a lot of experience .

Tiantian is a strong girl , After so many things 、 Across a series of hurdles , Now it's so sunny at last 、 Brilliant 、 happy 、 self-confidence . She has her own ideals and beliefs , She pursues her dreams all the time . No one can help the child get her in the future , Father left early , Her grandparents are old , Living in the countryside again , Her biological mother works outside all the year round to make a living , Her future depends on her own efforts , She has to work hard on her own .

Tiantian is in her youth , A bellyful of ambition , Even if her father died young , And it didn't bring her down , She didn't feel confused and disappointed about the future , On the contrary, her heart is full of hope for the future , Feet on the ground 、 Step by step to the road of Kangzhuang . Sweet is very down-to-earth , She didn't ask too much for her ideal , There is no ambition , I didn't set a goal that I had to achieve , Because young , So there's hope inside , So she doesn't think about whether she can succeed , The results don't matter , It's the process that matters , The perfection of the ideal plan , It also takes time to test , The key is to enjoy the struggle , Strengthen one's faith .

Tiantian will not go back to her hometown , She is like an eagle destined to fly , She yearns for the sky , She resolutely chose the distance , In that case , She doesn't care whether she succeeds or fails in the end , She's just going through the wind and rain to work hard to fight .

Actually , Life is a one-way journey alone . A journey to the mountain , Water one way , All the way through wind and rain 、 The bumps and trudges along the way , There are always painful experiences 、 There are always ups and downs . In this world , In addition to the parents , No one will pay for your future , If my parents are gone , You have nothing to rely on , Then you either try to climb up , Or fall to the bottom , That's the essence of life .

Now that you have chosen the distance , It's dusty , Moving towards the unknown landscape . Even if the road is rough , We have to keep going , Even if it's stormy , We have to move forward . Get used to the wind and rain , Adapt to the bumps and bumps . Don't be afraid to move on , Not greedy for beautiful scenery .

Take a deep step on the muddy road of life , Go down with a shallow foot , There are joys and sorrows , There are intoxication and heartbreak . Bitterness 、 It hurts , Sentimental , Finally, we have to choose to fight hard and be tenacious . Take the farthest road , Not afraid of the long way ; Stick to a strong will , I'm not afraid of fire ; prepare for the worst , Not afraid to start all over again . Actually , Every journey , They all have their own unique scenery ; Every scene , They all have their own meaning , Enjoy the scenery on the journey , Let life not be boring .

Life is about being beautiful , Walk sonorous , Now that you have bravely chosen the distance , Then cut through the thorns all the way , All the way , When someone stops , You are still determined to move forward .

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