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  • The question :
    Given a sequence of integers, the length is n. Can exchange at most k Time , Find the maximum continuous interval and (1 ≤ n ≤ 200; 1 ≤ k ≤ 10)
  • analysis :
    My first consideration is : First, find the maximum continuous interval and . And then exchange them one by one , But it can't be dealt with like this .

    For the exchange in the maximum interval, we can find the minimum value directly , But suppose the optimal location is not in the current range , It doesn't matter
    According to the above characteristics , The direction should be . Fixed interval length , And then exchange .

    What is the complexity O(n^3), The data is acceptable

const int MAXN = 210;
int ipt[MAXN], ta[MAXN], tb[MAXN];
int main()
// freopen("in.txt", "r", stdin);
int n, m;
while (~RII(n, m))
FE(i, 1, n) RI(ipt[i]);
int ans = -INF;
FE(i, 1, n) FE(j, i, n)
int t1 = 0, t2 = 0;
FE(k, i, j) ta[t1++] = ipt[k];
FE(k, 1, i - 1) tb[t2++] = ipt[k];
FE(k, j + 1, n) tb[t2++] = ipt[k];
sort(ta, ta + t1); sort(tb, tb + t2);
reverse(tb, tb + t2);
int e = min(min(m, t1), t2);
REP(k, e) ta[k] = max(ta[k], tb[k]);
int sum = 0;
REP(k, t1) sum += ta[k];
ans = max(ans, sum);
return 0;

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