make clear the purpose and main theme from the very beginning , You should not use self built on Alibaba cloud MySQL or SQL Server database , by the way , also Oracle or PostgreSQL database .

Cloud database RDS(Relational Database Service) It's stable and reliable 、 Scalable online database services . Based on Apsaras distributed system and all SSD Disk high performance storage , Support MySQL、SQL Server、PostgreSQL and PPAS( Highly compatible Oracle) engine , The primary and standby architectures are deployed by default and disaster recovery is provided 、 Backup 、 recovery 、 monitor 、 A complete set of solutions for migration, etc .

Of course , Not all users , There are conditions , Including but not limited to the following two points :

  1. Your website or project has developed to a certain stage , The database needs to be independent , No longer on the same machine as a website program or application ECS On ;
  2. Even if you have a developer or operator who knows a lot about databases , You shouldn't build your own database , Because let development focus on program development , Let operation and maintenance focus on operation and maintenance automation , This is the decision to maximize production .

There are also individual cases : You may have a small database technology team , such as 2、3 personal , You shouldn't build your own database , Because it usually requires maintenance of the entire infrastructure , For example, network load balancing ( Management switch )、 Data reliability ( disk raid)、 middleware ( Read / write separation )、 Auto fail over ( Active standby switching )、 Master slave architecture ( Data synchronization ) wait . These skills are not necessarily DBA Metropolis , Like network devices , Is there another job of network engineer to be added , For the increase in costs , Have you considered ?

However , For alicloud database RDS Come on , The above needs are already in place , So the database DBA We should focus on business-related optimization . Because that's what it is iaas( Infrastructure as a service ) The essence of .

however , We still need to analyze it clearly , Why use RDS, What's good about it ?

Let's plug in a little benefit first : Get alicloud lucky ticket with one click , After receiving the coupon, place an order to buy Alibaba cloud products , Enjoy all the discount on the official website , You can also take part in the lucky draw ~

Alibaba cloud database RDS It includes 4 Kind of :MySQL/SQL Server/Oracle/PostgreSQL, Let's start with one of them RDS for MySQL Well .

RDS for MySQL There are currently three versions :5.7、5.6、5.5:

  1. The first recommendation is 5.6, because 5.6 And 5.5 comparison , A lot of performance optimization , Ali's database team , towards mysql There are a lot of patch, It is the biggest technology contributor in China . and 5.6 It's been around for a while , Very mature and stable ,5.6 and 5.5 The compatibility is also very good , The author has used a number of different scenarios of 5.5 Database to 5.6, No compatibility issues . If there is no special reason, we must 5.5, I suggest you choose 5.6 La . in addition ,5.6 In the aspect of master-slave synchronization, semi synchronous mode is also adopted , instead of 5.5 The asynchronous , This ensures the reliability of the data .
  2. 5.6 There is also a very important function , It's the separation of writing and writing , At present, only 5.6 Support , My project has been using this function for several months , Very easy to use , It's very reassuring , I think this may be the dream function of the Internet e-commerce project . Need to know , You build a separation between reading and writing , Generally, open source middleware is used as the proxy layer , This requires you to be very familiar with the usage of this middleware , Including setting weights 、 threshold 、 Health checks and so on , This greatly increases the cost of learning , Otherwise, don't you worry that there is something wrong that can't be solved ? in addition , Using open source middleware , Before the data reaches the database, it needs to go through the statement parsing and forwarding of multiple components , It has a great influence on response delay . and RDS Read write separation is directly built into the existing high security link , There are no extra components to consume time , Can effectively reduce latency , Speed up processing .
  3. No matter 5.6 still 5.5, High availability versions are available , I strongly recommend Internet e-commerce 、 Games and other projects use it , This version adopts a high availability architecture of one main and one standby , At the same time, local ssd Storage , In case of failure, the active and standby instances will be switched automatically . That's all , You can't build your own database , It can be said that the main database of most companies is a single mysql example , In case of machine failure, it can only be shut down , Can't switch automatically . This is not to say that these companies don't want to use a high availability Architecture , It's really a threshold , You think you can build two according to the online tutorial master, Just monitor it with heartbeat software ? In the wrong , Later maintenance is often much more difficult than the initial environment , It's not just mysql Its high availability , It must also be combined with its own business situation . I used to work in a large e-commerce company , Have a database team , Once wanted to do such a high availability Architecture , But I've been afraid to go online , The reason is that there are all kinds of problems in reality , There is no perfect solution .
  4. 5.6 It also offers the financial version : Adopt the architecture of one main and two standby , Through the log “ Multi replica synchronous replication ”, Ensure strong consistency of data , So it's especially suitable for finance 、 negotiable securities 、 The core database of the insurance industry . and , Between high availability and Finance , It can be switched , Like not like ?
  5. Some people say RDS It costs more than self built MySQL Used ECS The server , The same configuration costs a lot . you 're right , It's really more expensive , You know, it just said , It's two examples of one main and one standby , You build it yourself. If you use two ECS Realization , More expensive , And it doesn't take into account whether it's easy to use , See? ?
  6. Provide comprehensive monitoring and diagnosis : Thread memory 、SQL Monitoring of resource consumption, etc , Help users diagnose problems quickly . This is also the point , The self built database can be said to have no such monitoring , Only slow queries can be recorded , Third party tools are used to analyze logs , Further , Use some open source tool platforms , such as zabbix, Brought some mysql Basic monitoring , If you want to go further , You may need to install other plug-ins , For example, there is a famous zabbix for mysql The plug-in is called fpmmm Of , I have been using . But even so , I still don't think it can compare with RDS Monitoring items provided , Need to know , Analyze a fault in reality , It needs a combination of various means to assist analysis , It's not that more monitoring charts are provided , I'm sure I can find out .
  7. Backup : Including data backup and log backup ,RDS provide , And for backup , More important is to recover and check data integrity . I want to ask you , How many people didn't make a backup , How many people have done backup , But there is no time to recover , in other words , Did you make the right backup , Have you verified , Are you going to verify it on a regular basis ? I'm afraid it's a matter of human and material resources , None of this is going to be done .RDS Provides a very important recovery method , There are three kinds of : It's called read-only instance 、 Clone instance 、 For instance a disaster . It's literally understandable what they do , How to use it in detail or go to see RDS Document bar .
  8. CloudDBA It's monitoring and management RDS Instance performance and health services , stay RDS The instance management page of the console , At present, it only applies to MySQL Instance of type . in the light of SQL Statement performance 、CPU Usage rate 、IOPS Usage rate 、 Memory usage 、 Disk space usage 、 The number of connections 、 Lock information 、 Hot list, etc ,CloudDBA Intelligent diagnosis and optimization functions are provided , It can find the existing or potential health problems of the database to the maximum extent .CloudDBA The diagnosis of is based on a single instance , The diagnosis will provide details of the problem and corresponding solutions , It can bring great convenience for you to manage the running status of the instance . Currently only supported 5.6 and 5.5.
  9. Now say 5.7, It's recently launched , The key to it is the stand-alone version . Compared with the standard dual machine high availability version , The stand-alone basic version only provides one database node , Through the underlying data storage layer to ensure the reliability of multiple copies of data . Reduction of database nodes , Greatly reduced CPU And memory resources , So as to reduce the overall input cost . Because for individuals 、 For SMEs , Be able to accept short downtime ( Of course, if it's well maintained , This basically doesn't exist ). Its price , It is equivalent to the self built database , But it still provides the various functions of the previous points , Therefore, it is highly recommended that SMEs use .
  10. Security , It's also a concern of many people . Cloud database RDS Provides a variety of security reinforcement functions to ensure the security of user data , Including but not limited to :

* The Internet :IP White list 、VPC The Internet 、SSL( Condom layer protocol )、SQL A firewall
* Storage :TDE( Transparent data encryption )、 Automatic backup
* disaster : Disaster tolerance in the same city ( Multiple zone instances )、 Disaster tolerance in other places ( Two places and many centers )

11. Database management : I've used the command line 、navicat、phpMyAdmin And other tools for daily database maintenance , I guess most people do the same .RDS Use “ Data management DMS”: Provide relational database and NoSQL Unified management of . It comes from Alibaba database service platform iDB, Provide database R & D support for tens of thousands of R & D personnel , Has been run online 8 year . You can use data management DMS It's easy to build an enterprise's unique database DevOps, Promote the self-help of database research and development , Improve R & D Efficiency , At the same time, ensure the security of employee database access and high performance of database . The default is the free version , It can meet the needs of most people , If it's not enough , You can buy the premium version , Provide more powerful functions , Please refer to the product documentation for details . What I want to say is : You just need to have a browser , You can manage your own database .
12. Some people say , Said so much , How about the performance , I suggest you experience it yourself , Attach a picture :

13. How to move from self built database to RDS, Please look at the documentation :

Now? , Do you agree with me :RDS Is it better than building your own database ?

Purchase address : Alibaba cloud database RDS for MySQL, Remember to get the lucky ticket mentioned above , The length of the purchase is the same as yours ECS The server is consistent , Annual payment 8.5 fold , Two years 7 fold , Three years 5 fold .

to update : Some friends let me recommend the purchase configuration , This is actually related to our own project . I once followed an e-commerce project for a short time , Every day there are several to more than a dozen seconds to kill , On a larger scale ,ECS The configuration of the server is 8 nucleus 16G Of , At that time, the database was detached from the local machine , bought RDS, The selected configuration 5.6 High availability version , The hardware is 4 nucleus 16G, The storage is 100G, The website is very smooth to use , This is also due to the good front-end brush protection . Of course , except ECS and RDS, It also uses things like OSS、CDN、WAF Products such as , combination nginx Filtering and program anti brushing mechanism and so on .

From the perspective of operation and maintenance, analyze the use of alicloud database RDS The necessity of -- You should not use self built on Alibaba cloud MySQL/SQL Server/Oracle/PostgreSQL More articles on the database

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