Problem Description
lcy gives a hard puzzle to feng5166,lwg,JGShining and Ignatius: gave a and b,how to know the a^b.everybody objects to this BT problem,so lcy makes the problem easier than begin.
this puzzle describes that: gave a and b,how to know the a^b's the last digit number.But everybody is too lazy to slove this problem,so they remit to you who is wise.
There are mutiple test cases. Each test cases consists of two numbers a and b(0<a,b<=2^30)
For each test case, you should output the a^b's last digit number.
Sample Input
7 66
8 800
Sample Output
The problem means to find the power of a given number , Then take the last one ;
My thoughts : Only the last digit determines the last digit , So first of all, ask for a Yes 10 Find the value of the remainder and assign it to a, Secondly, by finding the law, we can get , Every time 4 One cycle at a time , So we need b Yes 4 Find the value of the remainder and assign it to b; Next, I should understand , The code is as follows ;

int main()
int a,b,c,d;
} }

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