Fate/Grand Order( It's not as good as it is in Europe ) As a krypton cheating game developed by Sony in order to save itself from bankruptcy, it is aimed at yuechu , It's not like next door 《 Yin Yang teacher 》 Our automatic combat system ( Look at the scripts that people bring with them now ). After all, I'm lazy , Just write a script , Time saving and labor saving .


A combat script , In fact, it can be regarded as AI It's preliminary . Although it's just violence, work out the plan that causes the most damage orz.

We don't think about release here   Skill  、  Treasure   and   Starburst   These three very important things ... Just think about it   restraint 、  resistance   And the damage from different types of cards , The goal is to work out the combination with the highest damage .

Command card

Battle interface

To start , We first need to analyze the composition of the interface . First of all, here's a row of instruction cards , Each instruction card has its own type ( Yellow box ) and “ restraint ” and “ resistance ” The tag ( Yellow circle ) Things like that . Then we can think of each instruction card as a   object , And then it abstracts its characteristics . We can see that every card has one   coordinate  , One   type  ( Green, blue and red ), A kind of state  ( nothing / restraint / resistance ), And click Yes   The order  (1/2/3) and   Damage coefficient  ( There is a table for this ).

So we can do this :

Recognition and matching

The law of calculation


Anti sealing

In fact, the method is very simple , Add random click , And different intervals ( Waiting time ) That's all right. , Click on each card to change position , There is a variable interval between each card , And some intentional “ touch by mistake ” There should be no problem , In fact, we can also add some sliding of different lengths , It's just a bunch of random functions 233


To put it simply, just integrate the code above

Start interface

Recognize the interface and click “Attack”

End the screen

Identify to “ The fetters of followers ” Terminate script

The middle is the one mentioned above . It's a continuous cycle , until “ end ” The interface just stops . If you have anything else, I'll add it later OWO


This is probably the biggest and most complicated project I've ever worked on , It's also the first time I've come into contact with a little OOP. However, this project is more practical , After all, there's nothing high-end , Or more efficient algorithms , This should also be something to be improved in the future .

The above is the whole content of this article , I hope the content of this article has a certain reference value for your study or work , Thank you for your support .python Learning exchange group










Besides sharing technical articles, there are many benefits , Personal learning materials can be obtained including but not limited to Python Practical drill 、PDF Electronic documents 、 Interview collection 、 Learning materials, etc .

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