stay django in , When we visit a url when , It will enter the response through route matching html On the page .

Django Life cycle of , It means when the user enters url, Before the user sees the whole page ,django What did the backstage do ?
- When the user types url, The moment I hit enter . If you're connected to the Internet … The browser generates the request header and body , Send it to the server . The request header and body will contain the actions of the browser (action), This action is usually GET/POST.
When you send GET When asked , Will ? Divide your url And request data , Between parameters & Connect .
If the data is in English letters / Numbers , The same to send , If it's a space , Convert to +, If it's in Chinese / Other characters , You just use the string BASE64 encryption , It is concluded that such as :%E4%BD%A0%E5%A5%BD, among %XX Medium XX Is the symbol of 16 In base notation ASCII.
POST Put the submitted data in yes HTTP In the package .
Please combine GET&POST Chapter review …
- url after django Medium wsgi ( reference wsgi That section …)
- Through middleware one by one (MD)
§ What is middleware ? jiushi lei
It's time to batch process all the requests , Middleware will be used
If it's dealing with a single request , You can use decorators
Call... When you go in process_request If it's worth it , We'll do what we did before response
Come out and call process_response Must have return value .
§ I'll try again BB Two sentences : If you want to operate on batch requests , You can write your own middleware … for example : Most of the views Need to verify the current access to the page , Whether the user status is logged in .)
- Get into urls, Match in route mapping table . Once the match is successful, execute the corresponding view function , No more backward matching .
§ Replenish : There are some url It's going to have regularity in it . Then we should pay attention to the following :
§ example :
This placement order is particular . There are many conditions , The more accurate one should be on it .
- The view function queries the corresponding data according to the request of the client , Return to Django, then django I'll take the data ( The data the client wants ) In the form of a string returned to the client .
- After the client receives the returned data , After the page is rendered, it is displayed to the user .

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