stay Discuz One of them is to set the cover of the post , In many cases, you can only set it manually or submit it POST Request to set ; But it's all calls DISCUZ The function of ; Sometimes it's not everything , When it doesn't work ; Now let's talk about DISCUZ In the design of the cover design ideas ; I know the train of thought , You can use your own code to achieve ;

Good start :

After setting the cover , Will be in  pre_forum_threadimage Insert a piece of data like this in ;


tid It's a post ID   The following is the address of the corresponding attachment ;

When you click set cover, you will see , The program will request an address, as shown in the figure below

Yes, it's him :


What's important to us in the connection of this request is  mod /action/fid/aid These parameters ; The request is Forum.php Let's go .

stay Forum.php Last , We found the following line of code :

require DISCUZ_ROOT.'./source/module/forum/forum_'.$mod.'.php';

According to the code and request parameters , We found it :source/module/forum/forum_ajax.php This file , And found in it setthreadcover The processing code of is as follows :

elseif($_GET['action'] == 'setthreadcover') {
$aid = intval($_GET['aid']);
$imgurl = $_GET['imgurl'];
require_once libfile('function/post');
if($_G['forum'] && ($aid || $imgurl)) {
if($imgurl) {
$tid = intval($_GET['tid']);
$pid = intval($_GET['pid']);
} else {
$threadimage = C::t('forum_attachment_n')->fetch('aid:'.$aid, $aid);
$tid = $threadimage['tid'];
$pid = $threadimage['pid'];
} if($tid && $pid) {
$thread =get_thread_by_tid($tid);
} else {
$thread = array();
if(empty($thread) || (!$_G['forum']['ismoderator'] && $_G['uid'] != $thread['authorid'])) {
if($_GET['newthread']) {
showmessage('set_cover_faild', '', array(), array('msgtype' => 3));
} else {
showmessage('set_cover_faild', '', array(), array('closetime' => 3));
if(setthreadcover($pid, $tid, $aid, 0, $imgurl)) {
if(empty($imgurl)) {
'tid' => $threadimage['tid'],
'attachment' => $threadimage['attachment'],
'remote' => $threadimage['remote'],
if($_GET['newthread']) {
showmessage('set_cover_succeed', '', array(), array('msgtype' => 3));
} else {
showmessage('set_cover_succeed', '', array(), array('alert' => 'right', 'closetime' => 1));
if($_GET['newthread']) {
showmessage('set_cover_faild', '', array(), array('msgtype' => 3));
} else {
showmessage('set_cover_faild', '', array(), array('closetime' => 3));
} }

In this code , The most important piece of code is :if(setthreadcover($pid, $tid, $aid, 0, $imgurl))   Don't look at the code below , But we can guess that in calling setthreadcover After this function , The cover has been set up ;

that setthreadcover Where on earth is this function ? I've been looking for it for a long time , At last :source/function/function_post.php   It's found in this file , The code is as follows :

function setthreadcover($pid, $tid = 0, $aid = 0, $countimg = 0, $imgurl = '') {
global $_G;
$cover = 0;
if(empty($_G['uid']) || !intval($_G['setting']['forumpicstyle']['thumbheight']) || !intval($_G['setting']['forumpicstyle']['thumbwidth'])) {
return false;
} if(($pid || $aid) && empty($countimg)) {
if(empty($imgurl)) {
if($aid) {
$attachtable = 'aid:'.$aid;
$attach = C::t('forum_attachment_n')->fetch('aid:'.$aid, $aid, array(1, -1));
} else {
$attachtable = 'pid:'.$pid;
$attach = C::t('forum_attachment_n')->fetch_max_image('pid:'.$pid, 'pid', $pid);
if(!$attach) {
return false;
if(empty($_G['forum']['ismoderator']) && $_G['uid'] != $attach['uid']) {
return false;
$pid = empty($pid) ? $attach['pid'] : $pid;
$tid = empty($tid) ? $attach['tid'] : $tid;
$picsource = ($attach['remote'] ? $_G['setting']['ftp']['attachurl'] : $_G['setting']['attachurl']).'forum/'.$attach['attachment'];
} else {
$attachtable = 'pid:'.$pid;
$picsource = $imgurl;
} $basedir = !$_G['setting']['attachdir'] ? (DISCUZ_ROOT.'./data/attachment/') : $_G['setting']['attachdir'];
$coverdir = 'threadcover/'.substr(md5($tid), 0, 2).'/'.substr(md5($tid), 2, 2).'/';
dmkdir($basedir.'./forum/'.$coverdir); require_once libfile('class/image');
$image = new image();
if($image->Thumb($picsource, 'forum/'.$coverdir.$tid.'.jpg', $_G['setting']['forumpicstyle']['thumbwidth'], $_G['setting']['forumpicstyle']['thumbheight'], 2)) {
$remote = '';
if(getglobal('setting/ftp/on')) {
if(ftpcmd('upload', 'forum/'.$coverdir.$tid.'.jpg')) {
$remote = '-';
$cover = C::t('forum_attachment_n')->count_image_by_id($attachtable, 'pid', $pid);
if($imgurl && empty($cover)) {
$cover = 1;
$cover = $remote.$cover;
} else {
return false;
if($countimg) {
if(empty($cover)) {
$thread = C::t('forum_thread')->fetch($tid);
$oldcover = $thread['cover']; $cover = C::t('forum_attachment_n')->count_image_by_id('tid:'.$tid, 'pid', $pid);
if($cover) {
$cover = $oldcover < 0 ? '-'.$cover : $cover;
if($cover) {
C::t('forum_thread')->update($tid, array('cover' => $cover));
return true;

The whole function is the one dealing with setting the cover , There is no need to explain the process , Just thinking , An important line of code in this function is this :

if(ftpcmd('upload', 'forum/'.$coverdir.$tid.'.jpg')) {

When looking at the cover request address , You will feel that the address of the cover thumbnail is very strange, as follows :

c4/ca? It looks random , It's totally different from the cover database mentioned above , How does it correspond to ;

Then we have to look at the functions we mentioned above  setthreadcover 了 , Above we say if(ftpcmd('upload', 'forum/'.$coverdir.$tid.'.jpg')) { // This code is very important

ftpcmd What's the use of this , See behind upload We have reason to guess , This code is to achieve is an upload image operation ; That can be handled in this function , Must have uploaded the thumbnail to the new path .

Where is the path  'forum/'.$coverdir.$tid.' // Yes, the last sentence is the upload path .

$tid Needless to say , That must be a post ID That's the file name of the cover image ; as for  $coverdir It's not hard to find that , This is the path , Through this we're looking up ; Found this code :

$coverdir = 'threadcover/'.substr(md5($tid), 0, 2).'/'.substr(md5($tid), 2, 2).'/';

That's when the truth comes out , His way of generating directories is to intercept $tid MD5 The first two bits after encryption serve as a directory and the third 、 Four made a catalog ; To prove our conjecture , Make the following comparison :

Look at our catalog again :

Completely stable , got it DISCUZ The idea of setting up , Even if we open the interface for our own forum in the future, we can use the trial program to automatically post and set the cover .

summary : Obviously DISCUZ A new directory is used to store the cover of the post , I don't know why they designed it that way , I feel a lot of pain , I don't think it's necessary ;

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