<form name="a ">
<table name="b ">
<tr name="c ">
<td name="d "><select name="e "
onchange="xx(this.parentElement.parentElement.parentElement.parentElement.parentElement.name) ">
<td> </td> </tr>
<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
function xx(a) {

Be careful parentELement The first one returns the current element object

Results output a, This test is in IE Here's what's going on ,firefox Invalid


First, parentElement attribute , This attribute is easy to understand , Is in the DOM Hierarchy defines the relationship between the superior and the subordinate , If the element A Contains elements B, So the element B You can go through parentElement Property to get the element A.
This is mainly about offsetParent attribute , This attribute is in MSDN It's not clearly explained in the document , This makes it harder to understand this attribute . I found some information on the Internet these days , Plus some of my own tests , With a little understanding of this property , Here's a summary .
To understand offsetParent attribute , Understand first “ Elements positioned ” The name , So-called “ Elements positioned ” It means to set the element position Property style , also position The value of the style property is equal to absolute、relative、fixed One of the elements .
In the use of offsetParent Property to get the parent object, there are two cases :
    1、 The element itself has been positioned
        If the element itself is positioned , that offsetParent Property returns that this element has positioned the parent element , If there is no positioned parent element , Then return to BODY object , for example :
Copy code The code is as follows :
<span id="obj1" style="position:absolute"></span>
<div id="pObj1" style="position:absolute">
<span id="obj2" style="position:absolute"></span>

obj1.offsetParent return BODY object
    obj2.offsetParent return pObj1 object
    2、 The element is not positioned
        If the element is not positioned , offsetParent Not only the positioned parent element, but also the element of type TD and TABLE Parent element of , If any of the three parent elements is found, this element will be returned , Otherwise return to BODY object , for example :
Copy code The code is as follows :
<table width="500" border="0">
<td id="td1">
<div id="pObj1">
<span id="obj1"></span>
<div id="pObj2" style="position:relative">
<span id="obj2"></span>

obj1.offsetParent return td1 object
    obj2.offsetParent return pObj2 object
stay DOM In the attributes of the element , also parentNode This attribute , In fact, this attribute is similar to parentElement Attribute means ,parentElement The attribute is IE Peculiar ,W3C The standard is to use parentNode attribute , also children and childNodes, children yes IE Peculiar , childNodes Supported by other browsers
Detailed source reference :http://www.jb51.net/article/22705.htm

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