Serial number Channel name   Channel description
Special channels  
1 googleplay  google market
2 umeng  Auto update
3 office_web  Official network
4 office_qrcode Official QR code
Hardware channels  
5 xiaomi  Millet Market
6 lenovo  lenovo
7 sanxing  samsung
8 huawei Huawei
9 oppo  oppo
10 vivo vivo
Third party market  
11 m360 360 Mobile phone assistant
12 m91 91 assistant
13 yingyongbao Tencent app
14 anzhi  Anzhi
15 android  Android Market
16 wandoujia Pea pods
17 baidu  Baidu mobile assistant
18 gfan Gfan
19 3g 3g Android Market
20 yingyonghui Applications

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