Add Digits

Given a non-negative integer num, repeatedly add all its digits until the result has only one digit.

For example:

Given num = 38, the process is like: 3 + 8 = 111 + 1 = 2. Since 2 has only one digit, return it.

Follow up:
Could you do it without any loop/recursion in O(1) runtime?


consider O(1) The algorithm of , Start with the simplest numbers :

0 - 9 No doubt they all correspond to the return of 0 - 9 That's it .

Next ,

10 return 1

11 return 2

12 return 3

13 return 4


18 return 9

19 return 1


The law is about to come out , Because eventually all the numbers will be Mapping to 0 - 9 this 10 On a digital , That's why I began to consider whether there are some essential laws in such mapping , From the above, we can find that the law is that the number increases with the size of the number itself , The number mapped to is actually increasing , But this increase is actually based on 9 For the mould , For this problem, we only care about the remainder after taking the module, but not about the number itself “ model 9” 了 .

One thing to note is that :

0 It's special here , Only 0 The number itself maps to 0 , There are no more numbers mapped to 0, It needs to be dealt with separately .

So actually We are will except 0 Numbers outside mapping To 1-9 this Nine On a digital , If you think about it, the result should be (num-1) % 9 + 1.

The code is as follows :

 class Solution:
# @param {integer} num
# @return {integer}
def addDigits(self, num):
if num == 0:
return 0
return (num-1) % 9 + 1

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