virtualenv Used to manage python Project environment , Isolate a virtual... That only belongs to this project python Environmental Science (windows and Linux Use the same ).

First you need to install virtualenv modular

pip isntall virtualenv

Create a virtual environment for an engineering project

cd D:\project
virtualenv project_env

If the new python The virtual environment also needs the original python Third party library , Use the following command , Third party libraries can be copied together to a new virtual environment

virtualenv --system-site-packages project_env

If there are more than one python edition , such as python2.7、python3.7 etc. , You need to specify different versions of python Interpreter . Is not specified , It is usually set by default python Version to build

virtualenv -p "D:\Program Files\Python37\python.exe" project_env2 Linux
virtualenv -p /usr/bin/python3. project_env

Activate the virtual environment

cd D:\project\project_env\Scripts
activate.bat #Linux
source project_env/bin/activate

Shut down the virtual environment

deactivate.bat #Linux


virtualenvwrapper It's encapsulated virtualenv Some characteristics of , More simple and convenient python Environmental management tools . and virtualenv The main difference is that it can manage multiple virtual environments in batches .

install virtualenvwrapper Before , Make sure you have installed virtualenv,windows Installation required in environment virtualenvwrapper-win

pip install virtualenvwrapper-win

Create the first virtual environment

mkvirtualenv project1

Create a second virtual environment

mkvirtualenv project2

List all virtual environments


Switch virtual environment

workon project

Stop the virtual environment


Open virtual environment , Need to switch to the virtual environment script Folder


Delete virtual environment



Linux The platform needs to be installed virtualenvwrapper modular

yum install virtualenvwrapper

Start with command virtualenvwrapper

source /usr/local/bin/

The command is used in the same way , Indistinguishes windows and Linux.

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