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JAVA Language features : A compiled 、 Strong type language . A pure object-oriented language , All code must be included in class Method in

To configure JAVA environment variable

1. install JDK
2. My computer ---> attribute ---> Advanced system setup ---> senior ---> environment variable
3. Find... In the system variable "PATH"---> edit
4. take JDK Medium bin The installation path of the folder can be added
for example :D:\Java\jdk1.8.0_91\bin ( Absolute path )
JAVA_HOME = D:\Java\jdk1.8.0_91 %JAVA_HOME%\bin ( Relative paths )

1. A source file ( With JAVA ending ) There can be multiple classes in .
2. Only one class can be declared as public( There can be no ), At the same time, the name of this class should be consistent with the name of the source file .
3. Class can have a main method ( namely main() Method ), Fixed format : public static void main(String[] args){}
4.main() The way to do this is through the program portal , Inside the method is the executive part of the program .
6. The statement ends with a semicolon .
7. Execute program first JAVAC Command compilation , Generate multiple .class Bytecode file . Reuse JAVA The command runs .

summary :.java Source file —(javac)—>.class file ( Bytecode file )

Variable :
1. A storage area in memory .
2. The area has its own name ( Variable name ) And type ( data type )
3.JAVA Each variable in must be declared first , After use !
4. Data from this area can be found in The same type The scope is constantly changing

Use of variables :
Scope of variable : a pair {} In between
initialize value ( There must be initialization )
Define the format of the variable :
data type Variable name = initialize value
Variables access this area by using the variable name

Classification of variables :
1. Basic data type :
plastic :

int(4B) ( Default type )
long(8B) When defining, the value is added at the end "L" or "l" for example : long a = 123L;

Floating point :

double(8B)( Default type )
float(4B) When defining, the value is added at the end "F" or "f" for example :float b = 123.123

Character :

char; It can only mean One character ( english , chinese , Escape character , Symbols, etc. ).
char c = '\n';

Boolean type :

boolean The value can only be true/false It can't be taken as nulll The default is false 
boolean b1 = true;
boolean b2 = false;

Operations between variables :
( Don't consider boolean be left over :char(ascii value /unicode value ) byte short int long float double)
1. Automatic type conversion : When the data type with small capacity is operated with the data type with large capacity , The data type with small capacity will be automatically converted to the data type with large capacity .
    Such as : int a = 10; double b = 10; char c = 'a'; d = a+b+c Finally double type .
    When byte short char When you do an operation between , The result is int type .

2. Cast : The big one is converted into the small one , To use cast characters .( data type ) Variable example :double a = 123; int b = (int)a; 
    Possible problems : Resulting in loss of accuracy

3. Operation between string and basic data type : It can only be a join operation Other data types operate with it , The result is also a string !
    example : String a = "abcd"; double b = 1234; System.out.println("a+b"); result :abcd1234( String type )


Original code : Binary code of primitive number , Inverse code : Each bit of the original code is negated ( Except symbol bit ), Complement code : Counter code plus 1

For positive numbers : Original code , Inverse code , Complement code Three yards together 1

For negative numbers : It's stored as a complement

summary : Whether it's positive or negative , At the bottom, they are all stored in the form of complements

1 public static void main (String[] args){
2 System.out.println("Hello World!");
3 System.out.println("I'm coming!");
4 }

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