When I looked up the method of mounting folder on the Internet for several hours, I found that ,VMware Medium Linux The mount of is different from that of dual system

The ultimate goal is to /mnt There is a hgfs Folder

design sketch :

Start by opening VMware Medium Linux System

The specific steps are as follows :


At this time, the CD-ROM of the virtual machine will be loaded automatically VWware Install under directory linux.iso Mirror image ,Linux The system will also mount it automatically VMware Tools A virtual CD-ROM drive , And show it on the desktop



And then go into storage vmware Directory to install the package

Then copy it to where you want to put it

Then decompress

And then enter the decompressed vmware-tools-distrib Under the table of contents

perform wmware-install.pl     Pay attention to it yes、no The choice is right yse   No, just go back

Then enter /mnt Catalog to see if there is hgfs Folder

then ↓

then ↓

then ↓

That's it , Try to store a file in the shared folder of the host , see VMware in Linux Of /mnt/hgfs/ If there is this folder in

→→→→→→→→→→→→→→ Thank you for watching. *(^_-).

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