Oracle :show explain plan

select * from table(dbms_xplan.display);


In fact, in a typical data warehouse environments, a bitmap index can be considered for any non-unique column.

In a data warehouse, B-tree indexes should be used only for unique columns or other columns with very high cardinalities (that is, columns that are almost unique). The majority of indexes in a data warehouse should be bitmap indexes.

One stage table, is a heap table, need always insert and delete, and we found it waste a lot of blocks.

How to fix this issue?

Use online –redefine.

In sqlserver, we can just create a cluster index on this table, then drop this index, it will be ok.

The following plsql is used to check the table's block used status:

Check table's used space percent:

GREATEST(ROUND(100 * (NVL(HWM - AVG_USED_BLOCKS,0)/GREATEST(NVL(HWM,1),1) ), 2), 0) WASTE_PER,sysdate analyze_dt
DECODE( ROUND((B.AVG_ROW_LEN * NUM_ROWS * (1 + (PCT_FREE/100)))/8192, 0),
0, 1,
ROUND((B.AVG_ROW_LEN * NUM_ROWS * (1 + (PCT_FREE/100)))/8192, 0)

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