***Attribut Rich text ***

stay UITextView and UILable Rich text is often used in the use of .

UITextView and UILable The difference is that :

****UITextView When the text is larger than a certain amount, you can scroll up and down
****UILable You can set long `Lalbe.number = 0` To set the line wrap , But when the text is larger than its full size, there will be endless text display .

NSMutableAttributedString *attStr = [[NSMutableAttributedString alloc] initWithString:str];
// Format adjustment
NSMutableParagraphStyle *style = [[NSMutableParagraphStyle alloc] init];
/** Adjustment spacing */
style.lineSpacing = 10;

// Space between words
[attStr addAttribute:NSKernAttributeName value:@5 range:NSMakeRange(0, [str length])];
// Add row spacing
[attStr addAttribute:NSParagraphStyleAttributeName value:style range:NSMakeRange(0, [str length])];

// Horizontal and vertical typesetting --- No effect
// [attStr addAttribute:NSVerticalGlyphFormAttributeName value:@1 range:NSMakeRange(0, [str length])];
// Draw the line down
[attStr addAttribute:NSUnderlineStyleAttributeName value:@1 range:NSMakeRange(0, [str length])];
// The width of the sideline
[attStr addAttribute:NSStrokeWidthAttributeName value:@1 range:NSMakeRange(10, 10)];
// Edge color
[attStr addAttribute:NSStrokeColorAttributeName value:[UIColor redColor] range:NSMakeRange(10, 10)];

// shadow -- No effect
[attStr addAttribute:NSShadowAttributeName value:@4 range:NSMakeRange(20, 10)];

// Underline
[attStr addAttribute:NSStrikethroughStyleAttributeName value:@2 range:NSMakeRange(20, 10)];
[attStr addAttribute:NSStrikethroughColorAttributeName value:[UIColor redColor] range:NSMakeRange(20, 10)];

// Font back color
[attStr addAttribute:NSBackgroundColorAttributeName value:[UIColor blueColor] range:NSMakeRange(45, 10)];

// The font color
[attStr addAttribute:NSForegroundColorAttributeName value:[UIColor orangeColor] range:NSMakeRange(60, 10)];

// The paragraph -- No use
[attStr addAttribute:NSParagraphStyleAttributeName value:@6 range:NSMakeRange(70, 80)];

Lable Word spacing settings

 NSMutableAttributedString *attributedString = [[NSMutableAttributedString alloc] initWithString:self.infoLabel.text attributes:@{NSKernAttributeName : @(2.5f)}];
NSMutableParagraphStyle *paragraphStyle = [[NSMutableParagraphStyle alloc] init];
[paragraphStyle setLineSpacing:];
[attributedString addAttribute:NSParagraphStyleAttributeName value:paragraphStyle range:NSMakeRange(, self.infoLabel.text.length)];
[self.infoLabel setAttributedText:attributedString]; self.infoLabel.numberOfLines = ;
[self.infoLabel sizeToFit];
[self.scrollView addSubview:self.infoLabel];

Please refer to :

 NSString *strP = self.contentTextView.text;
// Remove space :"\t\t"
NSString *str = [strP stringByTrimmingCharactersInSet:[NSCharacterSet whitespaceCharacterSet]];
// Create rich text
NSMutableAttributedString *attStr = [[NSMutableAttributedString alloc] initWithString:str]; // Format adjustment
NSMutableParagraphStyle *style = [[NSMutableParagraphStyle alloc] init]; // Space between words
[attStr addAttribute:NSKernAttributeName value:@1.5f range:NSMakeRange(, [str length])]; // Font settings
[attStr addAttribute:NSFontAttributeName value:[UIFont systemFontOfSize:RHFixXFlaot()] range:NSMakeRange(, [str length])]; // Line breaks
style.lineSpacing = ; // The paragraph
[attStr addAttribute:NSParagraphStyleAttributeName value:style range:NSMakeRange(, [str length])]; // Indent the first line of the paragraph
style.firstLineHeadIndent = ; self.contentTextView.attributedText = attStr;

Please refer to [DEMO download ](https://github.com/marlonxlj/Attributing_Demo.git), More ways to use it need you to try it yourself .

Welcome to this article , If there are mistakes , Please point out that I can make adjustments in time , thank you . If it helps you, please go to the top right corner Star!


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