I didn't understand at first , what Home key , what End key , I thought it was equivalent to brackets ,[] What's in it is printed out first . Later, baidu made a decision . I'm sorry ...

The question : Given a string , The interior contains '[' and ']' Cursor transfer command ,'[' Represents the cursor moving to the head of the article ,']' Represents the cursor moving to the end of the article , What is the string sequence that will eventually be displayed on the screen

Ideas : Just simulate it directly , However, because it is possible to move to the beginning and end of the string , So I drove 3 individual char Array .

str1 Storage due to '[' The reason for printing at the beginning of the character ,str3 Storage due to ']' The reason for printing at the end of the character ,str2 The storage did not meet at the beginning '[' or ']' Previous characters .

stay A This question is 15 Inside the individual , I wrote the fastest ,82MS, Just a little smug .

#include <iostream>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <algorithm>
#include <stack> using namespace std;
stack<char> s;
char str[]; char ans1[];
char ans2[];
char ans3[];
int main() {
while(scanf("%s",str)!=EOF) {
int len=strlen(str);
//preidx Express ans1 The location of the last index in ( It's moving from the back to the front )
//idx Namely ans2 The location of the index in
//aftidx Refer to ans3 The location of the index in
int preidx=,idx=,aftidx=;
for(int i=; i<len; i++) {
char ch=str[i];
if(ch=='[') {
//l Record '[' The position of the first character after
int l=++i;
while(i<len && str[i]!='[' && str[i]!=']') {
// Last i-1 It's a record of what happened next '[' or ']' The previous position of
for(int j=i-; j>=l; j--) {
} else if(ch==']') {
int l=++i;
while(i<len && str[i]!='['&& str[i]!=']') {
for(int j=l; j<i; j++) {
} else {
for(int i=preidx+; i<=; i++)
for(int i=; i<idx; i++)
for(int i=; i<aftidx; i++)
return ;

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