One of the needs of the e-commerce project on hand today is : Automatically distribute the coupons in the order to the buyer , So just update a few rows of data in the coupon table , Check the manual and network, there is no solution .

It's wrong to start with loops and traversals , because update Statement to update all the qualified lines , But it is not suitable to use subquery as a condition kiss(keep it simple, stupid.) The specification of .

So try to put set Statement addition ar, It's done .

public function status($order_id, $slug)
# Delivery process , Let's see if it's a coupon first
$this->load->model('m_cart', 'cart', true);
$undiscounted = $this->cart->items($order_id);
$discounted = $this->cart->items($order_id, true);
$merged = array_merge($undiscounted, $discounted);
$this->db->where('status', 0)
->where('rule_id', $merged[0]->type_id)
->set('user_id', $merged[0]->user_id)
$this->db->where('id', $order_id)->set('status', 2);
return $this->db->affected_rows();

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