These two days because the company website mail can't send out , And then we studied in asp Website to send email and in The code of the website to send mail , Record the problems here .

1、 Let's talk about in the first place Send email in ,

At first it was just 126 The mailbox can send mail , Then the other 163、 Sina can't send it out , Later, I was depressed for a long time before I knew about the mailbox smtp and pop3 The service is not open by default , You need to open it manually to send mail . For example, Sina email opened smtp The service screenshot is as follows :

Other mail boxes are similar , Then we can realize the function of sending mail , The sending code is as follows :

 /// <summary>
/// C# Send E-mail
/// </summary>
public void ShowSendEmail()
string fromEmail = ""; // Sender's email address
string emailSMTPHost = ""; // mailbox SMTP The server , Used to send mail
string emailSubject = "Email Subject"; // Email subject
string emailBody = "<h1>Email Content</h1><h3> Ha ha ha , Send E-mail OK 了 !!!^_^</h3>"; // Email content
string toEmail = ""; // The email address of the object to be sent string emailName = fromEmail; // Login email user name , It can be the same as the sender's email address
string emailPwd = "********"; // Password for login email try
using (MailMessage msg = new MailMessage(fromEmail, toEmail, emailSubject, emailBody))
msg.IsBodyHtml = true; // Set whether the email content supports html Format
msg.To.Add(""); // Appending multiple recipient mailbox , Achieve mass distribution
msg.Priority = MailPriority.High; // Priority of sending mail SmtpClient mailClient = new SmtpClient(emailSMTPHost);
mailClient.UseDefaultCredentials = false; // Set whether to send with request
mailClient.Credentials = new System.Net.NetworkCredential(emailName, emailPwd); // Use secure socket layer or not (SSL) Encrypted connection . SmtpClient Use SSL, Then for true; Otherwise false. The default value is false.
mailClient.EnableSsl = true; mailClient.Send(msg); // Call the send mail method
catch (Exception ex)
// fail in send :ex.Message;
} // Send successfully

2、 And then use asp To send mail , Now after testing, there are two ways to send mail successfully

The code of the first method is as follows :

' Define how to send mail
function showSendEmail
Set objMail = Server.CreateObject("CDO.Message")
Set objCDO = Server.CreateObject("CDO.Configuration")
objCDO.Fields("") =
objCDO.Fields("")= "" ' Mail server
objCDO.Fields("") = ' Mail server default port
objCDO.Fields("") = ' timeout
objCDO.Fields("") =
objCDO.Fields("") = ""' Email address to send mail to
objCDO.Fields("") = "*****" ' Mailbox password
Set objMail.Configuration = objCDO
objMail.From = "" ' Sender , This is consistent with the email address above
objMail.Subject = "Email Subject" ' Email title
objMail.To = "" ' The recipient
objMail.HtmlBody = " hello , Test mail , How's everything going recently? ?" ' send content .
Set objMail = Nothing
Set objCDOSYSCon = Nothing
end function showSendEmail ' Calling method , Send E-mail %>

The second call JMail Component to send mail , When you call this component to send mail ,

One thing to note , Must install JMail After component , To send mail successfully ( It hasn't been installed before , Send always report missing object error )

JMail The component download path is :

' Define how to send mail 
Sub showJmail
On Error Resume Next
Dim JMail
Set JMail = Server.CreateObject("JMail.Message")
JMail.Logging = True
JMail.Charset = "gb2312"
JMail.MailServerUserName = "" ' Email login user name
JMail.MailServerPassword = "*************" ' Mailbox password
JMail.ContentType = "text/html"
JMail.Priority = 1
JMail.From = "" ' Sender's email address
JMail.FromName = "xmTan" ' Sender's name , It can be the same as the sender's email address
JMail.AddRecipient "" ' The recipient's email address
JMail.Subject = "Email Subject" ' Email subject
JMail.Body = "<h1>Email Content </h1> hello , The transmission was successful ^_^" ' Email content
JMail.Send ("") ' mailbox SMTP The server
Set JMail = Nothing
SendMail = "OK"
If Err Then SendMail = Err.Description Response.Write("<h1> Send results :"&SendMail&"</h1>")
End Sub showJmail ' Calling method , Send E-mail %>

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