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1. notes

2. The statement

3. Variable

4. data type

5. Data conversion

6. dynamic , Static and strongly typed , Weak type

( One ) notes :( Compile time is ignored by the compiler )

1. Classification of notes :

2. Special notes :

( Two ) The statement :( Mainly in 2.x edition )

Understanding of garbled code :

In fact, different countries have different coding rules , But computers go from text to 010101 The conversion of binary files is the same . In the United States Ascall code , China has its own GB standard , international iso standard , And then an organization, in order to be compatible with coding around the world , That is to say “utf-8” Appearance ,Python3 After that, it was widely used utf-8 The coding .

( 3、 ... and )Python The variable of

stay python In the program , Variables don't need to be defined , In assignment , It's equivalent to defining variables .

( Four )python Data type of :

( 5、 ... and )python The numerical conversion of

( 6、 ... and ) dynamic , Static and strongly typed , Weak type

python Is a strongly typed dynamic compiler language

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