To use the code to achieve a number of external images and text merge, but also to upload to seven cattle cloud , Then share the image link through the client . The picture background needs to support user-defined replacement .

Implementation scheme

In a canvas Called many times on drawImage function , They are drawn separately on canvas in , Many times later canvas This is the effect of merging multiple images , Then call toDataURL Function will canvas Turn into dataURL Format picture , then dataURL Change the format to blob file , Upload to Qi Niu Yun .

The pit that needs attention

canvas The problem of blurred image synthesis

take canvas The length and width of is set to the style length and width 2 Times or more , as follows :

var canvas = document.getElementById("myCanvas");

canvas.width = "600";

canvas.height = "600" = "300px" = "300px"

Report security error

If your picture url Not in the same domain as the page , Calling toDataURL Function will report a security error .chrome in :

Uncaught SecurityError: Failed to execute ‘toDataURL’ on ‘HTMLCanvasElement’: Tainted canvases may not be exported.

Safari It seems to be more strict , If the root domain name is the same and the subdomains are different, an error will still be reported :

Cross-origin image load denied by Cross-Origin Resource Sharing policy.

reason :

Shanghai Web Xiao Bian, a training institution, thinks that analyzing the causes of problems is better than any successful case , This is canvas The top priority of image synthesis . No, CORS Although authorization can be done in canvas Using images in , But doing so will pollute (taints) canvas . as long as canvas The contaminated , You can no longer extract data from the canvas , That is to say, you can no longer call toBlob(), toDataurl(/81014/cooperation/pentest/) and getImageData() Other methods , Otherwise, a security error will be thrown (security error). This is actually to protect the user's personal information , Avoid unauthorized remote web The site loads the user's image information , Causing privacy leaks .

resolvent :

Here in Shanghai Web Training institutions think it is the key part , So I also brought the code . Create a new... For each picture img object , And then give it src Equal parameter , In this way, we have to wait until img After loading canvas Other operating , stay img Of load In the event handler , Otherwise, empty content may be drawn .

let img = new Image()

img.setAttribute('crossorigin', 'anonymous')


img.onload = function () {

// do Something


img.error = function () {}

canvas Picture synthesis , stay mac and pc It's working well on your browser , But in ios11 The following mobile phones cannot toDataURL

terms of settlement 1:

Change the way images are loaded , First in DOM Newly built img label , as follows :

Be careful :crossOrigin="Anonymous" Must be in src Attribute before

utilize js obtain img Elements

var img = document.getElementById('bgImg')

ctx.drawImage(img, 0, 0, 700, 700)

canvas.toBlob() safari The invalid

terms of settlement 2:

take canvas Use toDataURL Method to base64, then base64 adopt file API To blob

function dataURLtoBlob (dataurl) { // take dataUrl To Blob

let arr = dataurl.split(',')

let mime = arr[0].match(/:(.*?);/)[1]

let bstr = atob(arr[1])

let n = bstr.length

let u8arr = new Uint8Array(n)

while (n--) {

u8arr[n] = bstr.charCodeAt(n)


return new Blob([u8arr], {type: mime})

}var resultBase64 = canvas.toDataurl('/81014/cooperation/pentest/image/jpeg') // To jpeg Compress image size var canvasBlob = dataURLtoBlob(resultBase64)

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