*************** Summary ***************

1.Javascript It's an object-based, dynamically typed scripting language that is prototyped and inherited , It distinguishes between uppercase and lowercase . Mainly implemented in client, Even if the user responds to the user's operation and analyzes and transmits the data .

2.Javascript and Java It doesn't have much to do with . It's just the name repeating four letters .

3.Javascript The main function of is data validation 、 Provide web effects , Dynamic response to user actions , We mentioned Javascript It's also mentioned that jQuery and Ajax.

************Javascript The history of ***********

1. Its predecessor is LiveScript, It was first put into use in 1995 Year of Netscape In the browser of .

2. Then Microsoft got involved in the browser market . Leading to the market's front-end scripting language appeared a tripartite situation . It also makes the front-end script development very confusing . therefore . It's time to set a standard .

3.1997 year ,Javascript1.1 Be submitted to ECMA, Later, the proposal was adopted by the international organization for standardization and the International Electrotechnical Commission , therefore . It became the standard , It's just that it's called ECMAScript.

4. A complete Javascript There are, for example, three parts : Kernel part (ECMAScript)、 Document object model (DOM)、 Browser object model (BOM).

************* first Javascript Program ***********

1. I know a lot of people learn programming from helloworld Starting , Then we also start from this classic helloworld Start putting .

2. There's a new html file , Open it with an editor , Write, for example, the following code :

function xin()
alert("Hello world");
<button type="button" onclick="xin()"> Xin Xing </button>

3. After saving, open it with a browser , And then click “ Xin Xing ”button, There will be a pop-up dialog box , There are ten big characters on it "Hello world".

4. As you can see from the example above , What we use here is to put Javascript The code is embedded in html In the papers . Of course , It can also be written separately , Then from html File to import the Javascript file .

5. Some old browsers may need to script add type ="text/javascript", But now it's no longer necessary , Modern browsers and HTML5 It's all default Javascript Of .

6. Above we defined a Javascript Function of , It USES function To define . Other parts are very similar to other programming languages , Grammatically, it's very close to Java.

7. We are body There is one in the label Buttonbutton, Its function is to trigger certain events when clicking , That is to call a certain function , The function here is ours script The function in xin.

**************Javascript Where is the writing *******

1. We've written on it head In the label . In fact, it can be written in body In the label .

2. Look, for example, at the following code :

document.write("<p> Blog Garden Xinxing </p>");
document.write("<p> Pass on the warmth </p>");

3. It's like we import css file , We can import it in a similar way Javascript file . Let's build a new one HTML file , The code is as follows :

<script src = "my.js"></script>
<button onclick = "xin()"> Xin Xing </button>

Then we create a new one in the same folder my.js file , The content is as follows :

function xin(){
alert(" Xin Xing ");

Then we save the html file . perform . Found that we click “ Xin Xing ”button When , One will pop up “ Xin Xing ” The dialog .

4. It's important to remember that , We introduced js It's written directly in the file js The code can , There's no need to use any additional tags .

************ Summary *************

1. In this section we interpret Javascript Basic knowledge of .

2. then , We started for the first time js plan , then , We explained js Write the location code .

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