No more reminiscences protel99se So old PCB The software , The sword can't stand the time .
comparison Altium Designer,protel99se It's much worse . Although many people still use this old knife . As a new person in the new era , We have a strong acceptance ,AD It's definitely the best choice . This is a newly sharpened sword .protel99se If it's a quality sword , that AD It's the best . 
Altium designer brief introduction :
Altium Designer Provides the only unified application solution , It integrates all the necessary technologies and functions for the integrated development of electronic products .Altium Designer Integrate board level and... In a single design environment FPGA The system design 、 be based on FPGA Embedded software development with discrete processors and PCB Layout design 、 Editing and manufacturing . And integrated modern design data management function , bring Altium Designer Become a complete solution for electronic product development - One meets the needs of the present , Solutions that also meet future development needs .

Altium designer Official download address : 

Altium designer 10 download :( The green version { recommend })
This version is mainly missing AD9 The green version of FPGL Wait for something that people can't use . The schematic diagram and PCB edition . The key is not to install . And it's only 225M. Compared with the original 3G+ I don't know how much better .

Altium designer 9 download :( The green version )
What I recommend here is Altium designer 9 winter. This is the green version , Unzip and use it directly . Why not recommend others ? This version has been optimized very well .AD10 It's already out , But I downloaded the original and ate me 5G The hard disk of , Frequent card .(PS: PC configuration is OK , It's not that bad ). It's not until it's decompressed 1G, Save a lot of space , Reshipment system , You don't have to install it again . Use it directly . A word , convenient .
Screenshot :

What happened , And solve :
problem 1: This software works very well , But what I'm depressed about is , In progress PCB  DRC When checking , Problems encountered , Can't generate reports , Software tips ...report_drc.xsl non-existent . Now the solution has finally been found .
  1. decompression Unzip it to the folder of the same name under your installation folder .
  2. Modify the path , Refer to the figure below :

problem 2
If you drag the library panel, it may crash . It's about a file _(IntegratedLibrary.dll ).
terms of settlement :( Not verified ) Find the installation AD09 summer I want this file , Under the installation folder system Next file of the same name .

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