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  polymorphic :

Polymorphic definition :  Many forms of existence of a certain kind of things .

The manifestation of polymorphism :

A reference to a parent class points to its own subclass object .

      A reference to a parent class can also receive its own subclass objects .

The role of polymorphism : Polymorphism improves the scalability and maintainability of the program

The premise of polymorphism :

               There needs to be an inheritance or implementation relationship , Or inherit , Or to achieve .

              There's usually another premise : There is coverage .

The benefits of polymorphism : The appearance of polymorphism greatly improves the scalability of the program .

Polymorphic disadvantages : limitations , Members in a parent class can only be accessed with a reference to the parent class .

Characteristics of polymorphism :

   At compile time : See whether there are called methods in the class to which the referenced variable belongs . If there is , Compile and pass , If no compilation fails .

   During operation : See if there are called methods in the class to which the object belongs .

A simple summary is : When a member function is called with polymorphism , Compile to the left , Run to the right .

In polymorphism , Characteristics of member variables : Whether compiled or run , All refer to the left side ( The class to which the referenced variable belongs ).

     In polymorphism , The characteristics of static member functions : Whether compiled or run , All refer to the left side .

* A demonstration of polymorphism :
* animal , cat , Dog
*/ // All animals have to eat , It's all written over eat Method , With abstraction
abstract class Animal
abstract void eat();// Abstractions cannot be instantiated
} // Declare a cat class , Inherit Animal, You can catch mice
class Cat extends Animal
public void eat()
System.out.println("cat eat fish.");
} public void show()
System.out.println("cat can catch mouse.");
} // Declare a dog class , Inherit Animal, Dogs can watch the house
class Dog extends Animal
public void eat()
System.out.println("dog eat bone.");
} public void show()
System.out.println("dog can protect house.");
} public class DuoTaiDemo
public static void main(String[] args)
Cat c = new Cat();
Animal a = new Dog();// Type promotion , Upward transformation , The parent class reference points to the child class object
Dog d = (Dog)a;// If you want to call subclass methods , We need to move down , Strong go
// a.show(); Error Compile to the left , Run to the right .Animal There is no show() Method
} // Act in concert , It can be extracted and encapsulated separately , Improve code reusability
public static void function(Animal a)
* This program hides the internal operation of the host
* Each hardware through PCI Interface to realize the function
public class PCIDemo
public static void main(String[] args)
MainBoard mb = new MainBoard();
mb.usePCI(new SoundCard());
mb.usePCI(new NetCard());
} // Make a statement PCI Interface
interface PCI
public void open();
public void close();
} // Declare a motherboard
class MainBoard
public void run()
System.out.println("mainboard run.");
} public void usePCI(PCI p)
if (p!=null)// Avoid null pointer exceptions
} // Declare a sound card , Realization PCI Interface
class SoundCard implements PCI
public void open()
System.out.println("soundcard open.");
} public void close()
System.out.println("soundcard close.");
} // Declare a network card , Realization PCI Interface
class NetCard implements PCI
public void open()
System.out.println("netcard open.");
} public void close()
System.out.println("netcard close.");

Object class :

Object Class is the direct and indirect parent of all objects , The Legendary God . What is defined in this class must be the function that all objects have .

Object Class has provided a method to compare whether the objects are the same .

          If the custom class has the same function , There's no need to redefine .

          Just follow the function in the parent class , Establish your own unique comparison content . That's coverage .

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