1: Configuration requirements



Graphics card needs compute Capability >=2.0 It can be downloaded from https://developer.nvidia.com/cuda-gpus Search for Actually used GeForce GTX 465


Reference resources http://www.pointclouds.org/downloads/windows.html

Cmake http://www.cmake.org version>=2.8.3

TortoiseSVN http://tortoisesvn.org

2 download PCL Source code

Use TortoisSVN

3 Configure PCL Source code

CMake Set in PCL The source code path is C:/PCL/trunk,build The path after is C:/PCL

Use visualstudio 2010 win64 Compile , Choose... As above

Then press configure Button .

4. Configure When finished, you will see a piece of red, as shown in the figure below

If the third-party library is not configured well, red will not appear or the items under red will be much less , At this time, you need to check whether the previous configuration work has been done well .

5. Tick the white part below ( I can't find it in Cmake Search by keyword in the search box of ).

USE_PROJECT_FOLDERS The benefits of this are generated Visual Studio Projects will be classified by project ;BUILD_GPU Select to compile KinFu.

6. Press again Configure, When it's done, it's red BUILD( The figure below ), Now you can see KinFu Related options .

7. Make sure there are KinFu Check all the options and press Configure, Press when finished Generate

8. Steps in 2 Set the path ( According to the diagram above, the setting is pcl_build Folder ) Find below PCL.sln open , You can do it in Tools and demos see pcl_kinfu_app The engineering of (kinfu Of exe It's compiled from here )

9. compile pcl_kinfu_app( Just make up this project , Don't compile all ,kinfu Dependent projects will compile automatically ).

There may be some dialog boxes in the process of compiling , choose NO that will do . One last time ( One more time build( Chinese is generating , You can right-click the project name. The first one is ), Not a little bit rebuild( Generate... Again )).

10. After successful compilation, you can bin Found under folder kinfu Of exe file .

If you open .exe File prompt missing Qtguid4.dll file , You can go to Qt Find this file in bin Folder ( namely kinfu_app_debug.exe In the existing folder ), other .dll The same is true when the file is missing .

Note: If a similar error occurs at runtime

modify Cmake In the parameter CUDA_ARCH_BIN Parameters in , The parameters of the corresponding graphics card can be referred to

https://developer.nvidia.com/ cuda-gpus

PCL-Kinfu More related articles in the compiler manual

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