Today, I was asked this question by the intern :

stay java in ,static Can member functions be overridden ?

The conclusion is that , You can override one in a subclass static function , But this function doesn't look like a normal non static Function .

in other words , Although you can define an override function , But the function has no polymorphism . Let's test it out :

 1 class testClass1{
2 static void SMethod(){
3 System.out.println("static in testClass1");
4 }
5 }
6 class testClass2 extends testClass1{
7 static void SMethod(){
8 System.out.println("static in testClass2");
9 }
10 }
11 public class MainClass{
12 public static void main(String... args){
13 testClass1 tc1=new testClass2();
14 testClass2 tc2 =new testClass2();
15 tc1.SMethod(); // The output is static in testClass1
16 tc2.SMethod(); // The output is static in testClass2
17 }
18 }

You can see from the results , When we use instances of the parent class to refer to ( In fact, the instance is a subclass ) call static Function time , Called by the parent class static function .

The reason is the order in which the methods are loaded .

When a method is called ,JVM First check if it is a class method . If it is , Then directly find the method from the class of the reference variable calling the method and execute , It's no longer sure if it's rewritten ( Cover ). If not , To do something else ( For example, dynamic method query )

Maybe someone slaps on the thigh , Isn't that what java Static / Dynamic dispatch !

It's kind of like , But not really , Static and dynamic dispatch are used to determine overloading and rewriting logic . In the process of overloading , The compiler depends on the static type of the method parameter ( such as tc1 The static type of is class1,tc2 Yes. class2, But this article is not overload !) To determine the version of the usage , This is called static dispatch . Dynamic dispatch is used for method rewriting , For example, I call a class A Methods f, If the class has subclasses a, Then I to a To call f When , The actual call is a.f Instead of A.f.

It really looks like dynamic dispatch, doesn't it ? But the results don't match !

The reason for this is , Dynamic dispatch , We're actually talking about Java Of invokevirtual The act of command : This instruction first looks for the runtime type of the caller , Then find the matching method in its method table , If you can't find it , And then find it from its parent class . This process is Java The nature of method rewriting in , That's dynamic dispatch .

and static The way is through invokestatic Command to call . because static Method is a compile time method , An immutable method of operation , So as far as the pipe class and the parent class have the same method name , And in fact they're different ways , It's also a completely distinguishable way . Calling static When the method is used , The compiler resolves the symbolic reference to a direct reference when the class is loaded , There is no such behavior as going to the parent class to find the method after the subclass can't find it , So it's also called parse call .

That's why the method that looks like rewriting in the above example doesn't produce the effect of rewriting .

The full text after .

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