$(selector).load( url [,date] [,callback] )

url: Request page's url Address

date: Sent to the server key:value data

callback: Callback function at request completion , Whether the request succeeds or fails , As long as XMLHttpRequest The state of the object is 4 or complete Call when

This function sets the ajax Return the content as innerHTML Insert into selector If necessary, it can be in url Add parameters later to filter the content to be inserted

If there is date Parameters are in accordance with POST Mode sending , Otherwise, in accordance with the GET Mode sending .date The format of the data is {key1:value1,key2:value2…}

The callback function automatically passes in three parameters , They are the returned contents 、 Request status 、XMLHttpRequest object . Request status refers to the status returned by the server , instead of XMLHttpRequest Object state , Total points success、error、notmodified、timeout Four states

$.get( url [,date] [,callback] [,type] )

url: Request page's url Address

date: Sent to the server key:value data , The format is {key1:value1,key2:value2…}

callback: Callback function for loading success , That is, when the server returns the status as 200 when . Two parameters are automatically passed in , The first is the returned content , The second is the request state

type: It doesn't seem to work

This function will use GET Send data by

$.post( url [,date] [,callback] [,type] )

Usage and $.get The method is consistent , It's just that the way to send data is POST

$.getScript( url [,callback] )

For dynamic loading js Script functions

url: Of the script to load url Address

callback: The callback function after the script is loaded successfully

$.getJSON( url [,callback] )

Used to load json Functions of files

url: To load json file url

callback:json Callback function after the file is loaded successfully , Will automatically pass in a parameter, that is json object

$.ajax( opitions )

opitions For one key:value object , There are various parameters in it , Common parameters are :










Specifically jquery See reference manual , The chance of using this function should be small

$.each( objecy/array,callback )

Functions used to traverse arrays or objects , This function can only traverse one layer , To traverse multiple layers, you need to reuse

object/array: Array or object to traverse

callback: Operation function , Two parameters are automatically passed in , The first is the index of the member or array of the object , The second is the specific content

classification :  js

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