Ubuntu install python3 A virtual environment

Installing a virtual environment

  • step :

  • open Linux terminal ( Shortcut key Ctrl+Alt+T), Enter the command :

sudo apt install python-virtualenv
sudo easy_install virtualenvwrapper

explain : The above two commands are executed one by one , After that, the virtual environment is installed .

Or you can use pip install , The premise is that pip, commonly python Bring it with you pip:

sudo pip install virtualenv
sudo pip install virtualenvwrapper
  • explain : The result of installation as like as two peas , Use either one .
  • virtualenv It's a virtual environment ,virtualenvwrapper Yes virtualenv The command is encapsulated , Make it more friendly .

Be careful : The order of installation cannot be reversed ,virtualenvwrapper Must depend on virtualenv.

Creating a virtual environment

  • Enter the following command at the terminal :
mkvirtualenv Virtual environment name 
Such as :
mkvirtualenv mywork // It creates a name mywork Virtual environment for
  • All the virtual environments created are saved in /home/.virtualenvs Under the table of contents , You can go to this directory to see ;
  • After successful creation, it will automatically enter the virtual environment , Command line prompt changes ;

  • Appoint python Version creates a virtual environment

When the above command is executed , The system will create the default python Version development environment , Generally, everyone's computer will be installed at the same time python2 and python3 edition , Sometimes different versions are needed to create virtual environments .

mkvirtualenv -p python route Virtual environment name 
example :
mkvirtualenv -p /usr/bin/python3 mywork
  • -p refer to path Abbreviation
  • Py Installation path , Default installed in /usr/bin/ Under the table of contents ; If you can't find it for a while , Use command :
whereis python3

Search the terminal command line for , There will be the path you want .

details : There's no need to get into /home/.virtualenvs Catalog , You can execute commands in any directory , All virtual environments are created in the same location .

Be careful : Creating a virtual environment requires networking , Otherwise, the creation fails .

Be careful : Use mkvirtualenv Creating a virtual environment , It may prompt that the command cannot be found , Generally, the script file is not added to the system path , The solution is as follows :

  • Method 1 :
# find virtualenvwrapper Script file for 
whereis virtualenvwrapper
# Enter this directory
cd /usr/local/python3/bin
# Execute script file activation virtualenvwrapper
source virtualenvwrapper.sh
# You can use the command normally
  • Method 2 :
# Method 1: it needs to be activated manually after each restart , inconvenient , Add commands to environment variables 
sudo vi ~/.bashrc
# Add a line at the end
source /usr/local/python3/bin/virtualenvwrapper.sh
# Execute... After saving
source ~/.bashrc
# Now you can use the command normally , And every time the host is restarted, the command will be loaded automatically

View and use of virtual environment

  • Delete virtual environment
rmvirtualenv [ Virtual environment name ]
example :
rmvirtualenv mywork

Be careful : If the current location is in a virtual environment , You need to exit the virtual environment first , Then the deletion can be performed

Be careful : You can delete from any directory , If you don't know the name , Sure rmvirtualen + two Tab key , Tips for all virtual environments

  • Exit virtual environment
  • Enter the virtual environment
workon [ Virtual environment name ]
example :
workkon mywork

Be careful : Press workon+ two Tab Key will prompt all virtual environments .

  • View the installed python package
pip list
pip freeze

Both commands can be queried , It's just that the form of display is different .

Install... In a virtual environment python package

  • Enter the virtual environment , Input... At the terminal :
pip install The name of the bag 

Be careful : Never use sudo pip ... , Here is the installation in a virtual environment python package , If used sudo jurisdiction ,python Packages will be installed on the host in a non virtual environment , Can't find this package in the virtual environment .


majority Linux Bring their own python2.7, and Ubuntu1.6 Bring your own python3.x, The main record of this article virtualenv+vitualenvwrapper Use python3 A virtual environment

The benefits of virtual environment are not much , Avoid version changes , The function of making development independent of each other

One , First installation virtualenv, command

1 sudo apt-get install python-virtualenv The default is python2


2 sudo apt-get install python3-virtualenv

Two ,  install virtualwrapper

virtualwrapper It is a simple and convenient tool to manage virtual environment , Use command

1 sudo pip install virtualenvwrapper
2 sudo pip3 install virtualenvwrapper

3、 ... and ,    To configure virtualwrapper environment variable

1,vim open ./bashrc

1 sudo vim ~/.bashrc

2, shift+g Get to the end of the text , Add the following

3,./bashrc Only after source ~/.bashrc The order doesn't take effect until after

Four , The use of basic commands

1, Creating a virtual environment

mkvirtualenv Environment name ( This environment is created from the system variable environment , namely py2)

establish python3 Environmental Science

mkvirtualenv --python=/usr/bin/pyhton3 name

2, Enter the virtual environment

workon name

3, Exit virtual environment


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