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1. man ascii

Print ascii Code table

2. cal

Show calendar

3. xxd

Converting between text files and binary files

# xxd -g1 -ps -c 4 xxx.bin xxx.txt

take xxx.bin Convert to xxx.txt

-g1: Press 1 Convert in bytes

-ps: Just the data , No address bar and ASCII Character bar . If you don't specify -ps, The resulting text will look like this :

## addr ###hex########ascii ##

0000:      00 01 02 03      ????

Appoint ps after , Only hex bar , And hex The characters are linked together :


-c4: Each row 4 Bytes

# xxd -r -g1 -ps -c 4 xxx.txt xxx.bin

take txt Convert to bin.

-r: Reverse conversion .

The original text format is required as follows :



After conversion, we get bin

5. strings

From a non text file ( In fact, text files are OK ) Take the string from .

6. cat  <<EOF

In the above example , When shell encounter << Symbol , Will be taken from STDIN Read the input to cat, Until we meet a single line EOF.

man bash There seems to be one here documen..., It seems to be about this .

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