When we are using App When , We will find some problems , For example, the website deployment 、 Update or uninstall , We are very concerned about our App Is someone using , This requires a remote event sink .

1、 In our tests App Select the mouse on your solution , Press F4 Pop up properties , Select the processing application we need , Choose True; meanwhile ,VS Will automatically create a solution , Let's write the relevant code of remote event receiver in it .

2、 In the solution of the remote event sink created , open svc Code for , And then add our code ( Attached ), Judge if the trigger is installation App Events , In a AppInstallLog Insert an installation record into the list of .

3、 The attached code , The code is simple , Increase permissions to write list Library , Not much ; After writing the code , Put this web The website is published to the server IIS Under the table of contents ;

if (properties.EventType == SPRemoteEventType.AppInstalled)
using (SPSite site = new SPSite("http://url:2014"))
using (SPWeb web = site.OpenWeb())
SPList list = web.Lists["AppInstallLogs"];
SPListItem item = list.Items.Add();
item[" title "] = "SP2013PictureWallApp";
item[" journal "] = "SP2013PictureWallApp On " + DateTime.Now.ToString() + " Has been installed !";

4、 stay App In the solution of , find AppManifest.xml file , Right click to see the code , modify InstalledEventEndpoint For our previously published site svc File directory ;

5、 We add our App, And then look at AppInstallLogs List Library , Found that an installation log has been written , This indicates that the development and deployment of remote event receiver is successful !


The above is about App During installation , The process of triggering events to be written to the installation log , Actually , The remote event sink can also do more work , Such as SharePoint Event triggers in the solution , by App Add events to a list or document library in , This requires us to create Remote Event Receiver The solution .

Special recommendation

The idea of the above content is from 《Microsoft SharePoint 2013 App Development》 A Book , I simply looked at the catalog , about App The introduction of development is very good , I recommend it to you !

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