<#list var as map>
 <#list map?keys as itemKey> // Key points
    <#if itemKey="fieldLabel" && map['type'] == "text" >
     <td >${map[itemKey]}</td>
    <#if itemKey="java_lang_String" && map['type'] == "text">
         <td >${map[itemKey]}</td>
   <#if itemKey="fieldLabel" &&  map['type'] == "file">
     <td  >${map['fieldLabel']}</td>
    <#if itemKey="java_io_file" && map['type'] == "file">
        <td >
      <#list "${map[itemKey]}"?split(",") as x>  // Use split function , Equate to java Medium split function
        <a href="FlowDownServlet?fileName=${x}">${x}</a>
  <#if  map['type'] == "select">
   <td  >${map['fieldLabel']}</td>
   <td >
   <#list form.fields as field>
    <#if field.fieldInput.type == "select">
     <select name="props['${field.fieldName}']">
   <#list field.items as item>
     <option <#if map['java_lang_String'] == item.value>selected</#if> value="${item.value}">${item.label}</option>


Data from the background

List<LinkedHashMap<String,Object>> var = SubmitManager.getInstance().getProperty(documentId);
rootMap.put("var", var);
template.process(rootMap, out);

The source of the original text is http://blog.csdn.net/lsh6688/article/details/17091277

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