Looking for strings in a file .
FINDSTR [/B] [/E] [/L] [/R] [/S] [/I] [/X] [/V] [/N] [/M] [/O] [/F:file]
[/C:string] [/G:file] [/D:dir list] [/A:color attributes] [/OFF[LINE]]
strings [[drive:][path]filename[ ...]] /B At the beginning of a line, pairing mode . beginning of a line
/E Pairing patterns at the end of a line . end of a line
/L Use search strings by word . literally
/R Use the search string as a general expression .regular expressions
/S Search the current directory and all subdirectories for current directory and all subdirectories
Match file .
/I Specifies that the search is case insensitive .ignore case-sensitive
/X Print exactly matched lines . exactly
/V Print only lines without matching .invert-match That is, reverse matching
/N Print the number of lines before each matched line . Prints the line number
/M If the file contains a match , Print only its file name .a file contains a match.
/O Print character offset before each matching line .character offset
/P Ignore files with non printable characters .non-printable characters.
/OFF[LINE] Do not skip files with offline property sets .offline attribute set.
/A:attr Specifies a color property with a hexadecimal number . Please see "color /?" Specifies color attribute with two hex digits.
/F:file Read the list of files from the specified file (/ On behalf of the console ).Reads file list from the specified file
/C:string Use the specified string as the text search string . specified string as a literal search string(charactor)
/G:file Gets the search string from the specified file . (/ On behalf of the console ).Gets search strings from the specified file
/D:dir Find a semicolon delimited list of directories list of directories
strings Text to find .
Specify the file to look for . Unless the parameter has /C Prefix , Please use spaces to separate search strings .
for example : 'FINDSTR "hello there" x.y' In the file x.y Search for "hello" or
"there" . 'FINDSTR /C:"hello there" x.y' file x.y seek
"hello there". Quick reference to general expressions :
. wildcard : Any character
* repeat : Zero or more occurrences of previous characters or categories
^ Row position : The beginning of the line
$ Row position : The end of the line
[class] Character category : Any character in the character set
[^class] Complement character category : Any character that is not in the character set
[x-y] Range : Any character within the specified range
\x Escape: Metacharacters x The use of words in English
\<xyz Word position : The beginning of the word
xyz\> Word position : The end of the word of FINDSTR Details of common expressions , See online Command Reference .

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