For me , For the first time, Xiao Bai, who is in touch with the front and back integration problem , At first, I was confused , It's a whole problem. One night and one morning , Now write a summary ;

The front-end development :vue-cli+webpack;

The background and development :nodejs frame express;

After front end development , Use localhost Be able to access vue-cli Own server .

And back office , At first I was directly in expres Of views and public Develop front-end pages on , So in some configuration aspects, it's the last project , Now integrate new projects , Let me be a little square .

The process :

1、 Go to the front end Directory ,npm run build Command directly packages the front-end project into dist file ;

2、 I'm going directly to dist Copy the file to the root of the server ;

3、 change routes Under folder index file , Route access to '/' Change to rendering dist Under the document index.html;

result : Access server , Static resources 404;

The second improvement process :( After a lot of information )

1、 find vue-cli Under the project of config Under folder index.js file , find build Part of the assetsPublicPath;( Next, I'll talk about assetsPublicPath The role of )

2、 take assetsPublicPath Change to 'http://localhost:5777/dist';

3、 Integrate to express Server

result :


At this time, I am confused , Isn't that the right path ?

But still 404, This is awkward .

Let's get in there assetsPublicPath Knowledge point :

Take a look at the official documents , I'm confused with my poor English , Let me give you a general idea ,assetsPublicPath You can specify the public address of the output file in the browser reference .

First ,webpack I wrote it for you when I packed it dist References to static resources in files , That is to say './static/js|css/***', That's client access dist Static resources can be loaded .

But when dist Deploy to express Last time , When accessing the server , Of static resources url by :assetsPublicPath  +  './static/js | css/ ***';

That's what the above code says .

But why still 404 Well ? It's about express The problem. .

stay app.js The configuration of , There is such a line of code :

app.use(express.static(path.join(__dirname, '/dist'))); ( The default is /public)

The meaning of this sentence is set express Access the directory of static resources , That is to say express You need to access static files from public entrance .

So the address in the second case actually accesses   src="http://localhost:5777/dist/dist/static/js/manifest.0d43cb9e3c7036b97742.js"

That is to say assetsPublicPath Medium localhost:5777 and express.static Medium dist repeated .

In conclusion : Only need to assetsPublicPath Change it to 'localhost:5777' + express.static Of '/dist' + Front end default path '/static/js |css /***';

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