Opera browser users can directly access the websites hosted on IPFs
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We all know , There's already a lot of browser support IPFS The web site .

  • Browser's open source project webkit Support IPFS agreement ;
  • from Google Leading the development of web browser Chromium Support IPFS agreement ;
  • Apply to Android 57 Of Brave The default support IPFS;
  • Firefox supports IPFS Distributed storage protocol .

The difference is , The degree of support varies from browser to browser , Some browsers have restrictions on users in different regions , Some browsers need to install some simple or complex plug-ins , Different browsers support IPFS The degree of protocol and the stability of users are different .


today , We mainly want to explore Opera In the near future IPFS A breakthrough in cooperation , That's it Opera Browser users / Desktop users have direct access to IPFS On a hosted website .


About Opera browser

Opera Is the first in its iOS and Mac Browsers include browsers with built-in encrypted wallets , Yes Android、iOS And desktop , And it's the first online cryptocurrency mining or “ Encrypted hijacking ” One of the browsers under attack , so Opera Blockchain ecological support has been laid out for a long time .

112.png According to statistics ,Opera Officially, every month around the world 3.6 Billion active users **, And in 2020 year 5 I announced my support in June IPFS, While subverting the traditional search mode , Can really let users dominate their experience on the Internet , Make it faster 、 More open and secure .


Opera Browser users can directly access IPFS On a hosted website

Opera On 2018 At the end of the year, a cryptocurrency wallet and a decentralized application browser were added to its mobile browser , Later in 2020 year 3 Month integrated... On mobile devices .crypto and IPFS, Integration means Opera Mobile or desktop users can directly access IPFS Distributed websites hosted on the Internet ,Opera Express , It's the only one in all Windows,Mac and Linux Provide integration on the device without Internet Extended or downloaded browsers .

IPFS It's short for interplanetary file system , Is a peer-to-peer protocol for storing and retrieving files . What's unique is that IPFS Files are not stored in one place , It's stored around the world , Global users share their computing power to create distributed networks .


Browser with its aggregation and ease of use , It has become a super portal for users .

Support IPFS The more browsers you have , More and more users will join in through the bridge of browser IPFS In the ecological , and IPFS and Filecoin Network is a strong symbiotic relationship ,IPFS The more the Internet is used , Yes Filecoin The greater the demand for ;Filecoin The more miners , Yes IPFS The more support the network has .

Learn more about IPFS and Filecoin Information , Contact spatiotemporal cloud operations specialist (WX:skyyoung0511) Or the official website of spatiotemporal cloud :http://yunos.io

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