shallow ( quote ) Copy : Share the same memory address , If you change the value, I will change

For example, commonly used Object assignment operation

Deep copy : Deep copy is Create a new memory address Save the value ( They don't influence each other )

For example, the following

const shallBasicCopy = obj => {
* advantage : The only objects that can be handled correctly are Number、String、Array And so on can be json Data structure represented by
* shortcoming : This function cannot be json The type represented will not be handled correctly

About object.assign The stem ( Deep object 、 Shallow copy )

Some people say deep copy , Some people say shallow copy , No one is wrong or right ( In certain circumstances )

 // Deep copy 
let srcObj = {
'name': 'lilei',
'age': '20'
}; let copyObj2 = Object.assign({}, srcObj, {
'age': '21'
}); copyObj2.age = '23'; console.log('srcObj', srcObj); //{ name: 'lilei', age: '22' } // Shallow copy
srcObj = {
'name': ' bright ',
grade: {
'chi': '50',
'eng': '50'
copyObj2 = Object.assign({}, srcObj); = ' red ';
copyObj2.grade.chi = '60';
console.log(' new objec srcObj', srcObj); // { name: ' bright ', grade: { chi: '60', eng: '50' } }

The stem is right here :

As can be seen from the example , Change the size of the copied object name and grade.chi , Of the source object name There is no change , however grade.chi But it's changed . So we can see Object.assign() It's just the property values that are copied , If the property value of the source object is a reference to the object , It only copies that reference value . 
in other words , about Object.assign() for , If the property value of an object is a simple type (string, number), adopt Object.assign({},srcObj); The new object is ‘ Deep copy ’; If the property value is an object or other reference type , That's actually a shallow copy for this object . This is a Object.assign() Especially noteworthy . 
Many say ,Object.assign({}, src1, src2);  about scr1 and src2 The same properties are directly overridden , If the property value is an object , It doesn't merge attributes between objects Of

Deep copies of objects can take advantage of third parties :underscore Realization

The shallowness of the array 、 So is deep copy !

Details can be found in MDN, Reproduced in :

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