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Time Limit: 10 Sec  Memory Limit: 256 MB
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Give a length of n Sequence A(A1,A2...AN). If the sequence A No, it's not non-toxic , You have to delete a number from it ,
This operation , until A Not until it falls . How many different operation schemes are there , Answer model 10^9+7.


The first line is an integer n.
Next line n It's an integer , describe A.


One line, one integer , Describe the answer .

Sample Input

1 7 5 3

Sample Output




set up $g(i)$ The length of a sequence is $i$ The number of nondecreasing sequences of , So we can use the inclusion exclusion principle to get the answer
$g(i)$ The illegality in ( It's already a non decreasing sequence, but it's deleted again ) It must be from $g(i+1)$ Transferred , So we can use $g(i+1)$ Get rid of $g(i)*(n-i)!$ The illegality in
$g(i)$ How can I ask
set up $f(i,j)$ With $i$ ending , The length is $j$ The number of nondecreasing sequences of
But this is $n^3$ Fang
So we use a tree array to put $k$ Optimize to $(logn)$
The complexity is $O(n^2logn)$
using namespace std;
typedef long long ll;
#define N 2005
const ll P=1e9+;
int n,m,A[N],B[N],p[N];
ll fac[N],s[N][N],f[N][N],g[N],ans;
inline ll Md(ll a){return a<P?a:a-P;}
void Add(int id,int x,ll v){for(;x<=n;x+=x&-x)s[id][x]=Md(s[id][x]+v);}
ll Sum(int id,int x){ll re=; for(;x;x-=x&-x)re=Md(re+s[id][x]); return re;}
void prep(){
for(ll i=;i<=n;++i) scanf("%d",&A[i]),B[i]=A[i],fac[i]=fac[i-]*i%P;
sort(B+,B+n+); m=unique(B+,B+n+)-B-;
for(int i=;i<=n;++i) p[i]=lower_bound(B+,B+m+,A[i])-B;// discretization
int main(){
scanf("%d",&n); prep(); Add(,,);
for(int i=;i<=n;++i)
for(int j=i;j;--j)
for(int i=;i<=n;++i)
for(int j=i;j<=n;++j)
for(ll i=;i<=n;++i)
return ;

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