precondition :
Installed Jenkins Server side

step :

  1. visit Jenkins Server side (ip+ port ), Sign in Jenkins
  2. Click system management
  3. Select management plug-in
  4. Choose an optional plug-in
  5. Search for Mailer Plugin
  6. Click Install directly
  7. Click on Jenkins System management -》 System settings -》Extended E-mail Notification( Only installed Mailer Plugin This configuration will appear in the plug-in )
    1. Configure the mail
      Default Subject: Build notifications :$PROJECT_NAME - Build # $BUILD_NUMBER - $BUILD_STATUS!  Default Content!
      Default Content:

      ( This message was sent automatically by the program , Please do not reply !)<br/><hr/>
      Project name :$PROJECT_NAME<br/><hr/>
      Build number :$BUILD_NUMBER<br/><hr/>
      Build status :$BUILD_STATUS<br/><hr/>
      trigger :${CAUSE}<br/><hr/>
      Build log address :<a href="${BUILD_URL}console">${BUILD_URL}console</a><br/><hr/>
      Build address :<a href="$BUILD_URL">$BUILD_URL</a><br/><hr/>
      Changeset :${JELLY_SCRIPT,template="html"}<br/><hr/>

    2. Be careful
    3. Click application , Click save
    4. Click the created task to build the mailbox , Click configuration , Choose post build actions
    5. Click application , preservation , structure , Check your email for email alerts
    6. The effect of the email received

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